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Pilgrimage from Rome: The True Story of a Roman Catholic Priest’s Search for the Truth –

I am reblogging this because I found excatholic4christ … sdcharg had an excellent list of books you can check out for yourself.
Please go check out the won’t be sorry!! Be blessed!!



  1. Pathways out of Mystery Babylon through the narrow gate are very remarkable ways to experience our King working all things for our good and at the same time for his glory and eternal purpose! As these fuzzy religious mindsets continue to fade out of sight in the rear view mirror he is faithful to heal our brain rot and at the same instance show you and family some deep insights to mysteries and also scatter bread crumbs along the trail, pointing you and family towards your destiny and birthright. This is a great place to be- on one of the most incredible journeys…. one could ever be on this side of heaven. So much more to come and so many blessings still in the Spirit for you and family to accrue as he faithfully leads you along and at the same time mature his body on earth.

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