First Round Draft


My friend Veronica sent this to me today to remind me that I am worthy because I was recruited from the deepest pit you can imagine. So far down that I still am amazed He still loved me after all I had done.
My oldest son once told me..Mom He takes a rock and keeps shaping it and washing it off until it’s shining like a diamond. That still makes me smile because when my son said that he had just been saved by God..He had snatched my son out of the grasp of the enemy. My son had not been a believer of God. He’d denounced Him many times until his first night in jail, my son cried out to Him and said, “ok God, if you’re real, then show me”. Wrong thing to have said to God, as we all know, when we ask, we will receive. After that day, He shook my son to the core and took all his brokenness and put him back together piece by piece. It’s still amazing to see the transformation in my son and in our relationship.
No matter what, He loves us and will go to the depths of hell to save us if we cry out to Him and accept Him as our Lord and Savior. He is the GREAT I AM!



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