The Picture Worth 1 Word…..God


I came upon this screen shot in my phone…my son wrote this in the summer of 2015 when God picked him up off a jail cell floor and changed his life…He continues to breathe life into my boy..He continues to guide his path…He continues and will continue to continue….His love and mercy are everlasting..and I’m so glad that my son has felt His love. See my son didn’t have his biological father’s love so he was angry and leery about God’s existence. As you can read, God didn’t care about what he’d said, what he’d done, or who he was..He simply loved my boy and my boy felt it for the first time…the love of a Father…I had that same experience when I first felt God’s love..I can only pray for everyone to open their hearts to feel His everlasting love.
Be blessed!!!!



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