No God Before Him


Yesterday I posted, Holy Spirit Showed Up!, and I was really excited about it, I wanted to share my experience with you all and with anyone who would listen to me. I shared it Sunday after church, yesterday with you all and with others I know. Today I shared it at work with some coworkers. Two of them were like,”wow!!!”, “Yes!”,  “That’s awesome!” They too, are believers! Then I shared it with my coworker who actually goes to church at the same church. So I know she knew what I was talking about it,when I mentioned how His presence was so thick in the air. She agreed with all that, but then when I shared my specific experience, she kind of brushed it off. She said, “Well see, you’re just coming to know Him and….” need I say more. She doubted my experience. I know what I heard and I know what I felt. No one, will ever take that from me. She has been in the church all her life and I thought she’d be as amazed as I was. She blew me off and I could tell she was a little jealous. The look she gave me said it all, “why would He speak to YOU? YOU were a horrible person and you barely have started coming to church.” Her expression said all that. I was a bit hurt but said, “Believe me or don’t, I know He showed up and spoke to me that day.” She just shrugged it off, changed the subject, and really didn’t say much afterward. I went about my day, went to the gym after work, came home, made dinner, etc.. my usual routine.

I thought to myself, I will skip today’s scripture writings. Then I started getting the nudge, “Come on Andi”. So I came to my prayer area/desk, opened up my bible study scriptures from this passed Sunday. I jotted down a few and looked them up and did my usual study of each of them. The next one that came up as I flipped the page was Isaiah 43:10, “You are my witnesses”, says the Lord, “And My servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, nor shall there be after Me.” When I read that, I nearly gasped. I did actually. Was that another message He was giving me? Then I laughed because I shouldn’t care what others think about what I think or experience with Him. He was just confirming what happened on Sunday. Telling me it was real and it was Me! He chose me to witness to others, just as we all do on here. So I said, “Why should I care what she or anyone else thinks about MY experience and MY time with Him?”

I know He is real, He is my Father, our Father, and He loves us all and we need to witness to others to share Him, His Word, His greatness, His love, His warmth, His security, His peace. Who’s with me? Let’s not let doubters take away what we know to be true. His truth! Just shake our shoulders off and keep moving on to the next one and witness to them. That’s what He wants, that’s why He chose us, because He knows we will continue to chip away at anyone and everyone He sends our way.

Have a blessed night everyone!!!!





  1. Andi! This same thing happened to me yesterday and today. People who do not have any relationship with God will speak against God’s promises for your life. And your blog today encouraged me to keep pressing in and believing in our amazing God! He has chosen us and he will do great things in us! May God continue to bless you! Praise God!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️

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    1. that’s amazing! And you’re exactly right..those who have no relationship with Him will hate..and not understand.. which is sad. And Yes!!!!! Let’s keep pressing on and keep witnessing to others..that is why he chose us..we’re not quitters..He pulled me out of the darkest pit and rescued me from the rest of the pit dwellers and the enemy..the least I could do is share His greatness with others. And may He continue to bless you as well! All the glory to Him!😊☝👍❤

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  2. Great post, Andi! It’s our fleshly inclination to try to “lord it over” those we feel superior to. Michal was disgusted with David because he danced with sheer joy before the ark of the Lord.

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  3. Thanks for the update. I was really excited when I read your post yesterday, not because of the general feeling in the church, but because of your inner ear opening up.
    Most people in the church do not have this experience. Most lack a one-on-one relationship with Christ. This is what the opening of the inner ear is. You may find, very quickly perhaps, that this gift is not accepted within the church.
    Most people are in the church to get from the pastor or preacher that which they should have in themselves. Sadly, hardly a pastor or preacher has this experience either on any level in the organizational hierarchy. Believe me, I trained to be a minister. I found out the hard way.
    That was my experience. I’m just pointing this out ahead of time so that if it happens to you, you do not get discouraged. Leave the church if you must, but never lose that one-on-one relationship with Christ. This anointing is Christ. Christ in you the hope of glory.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, my close friend Carlos warned me of this too, and so now that I know better I will do better. It is very sad. And to be honest, I truly never thought I would or could have that type of relationship with Him. I’m so glad He broke through my inner ear. So happy! Thank you for also pointing this out to me. Much appreciated! 🙂

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      1. It comes unexpectedly. It comes when we begin to understand the roots and the branches of the spiritual tree in their original context. It leads to resurrection power.
        Hang in there. It only gets better. 🙂

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