Leaving office on time

Yes we are busy but we should never be too busy for family/friend time..especially never to busy for God.

Disciples of hope


Quite often there are Christians who work long hours at office. And this is not about earning that extra income to payoff a loan or anything urgent. This just to please their boss or immediate supervisor. So in this pursuit of people pleasing they miss attending church, they miss out on Bible study, they miss out on quality time with family etc. Then at time for the promotion or appraisal, the very same office leader just skips them and doesn’t give them what they sacrificed so much for. Instead such workers must try to complete the work on time and get valid written records of their work progress instead of relying on mere verbal nods from their leaders.

And to remind you about they missed out on in course of working extra hours, they missed on reading the word of God. Don’t tell me one can read the Bible at…

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