Because He Loves Me


Tonight my older son (19) sent me a text and told me about some dreams he’s had and that he felt a little freaked out. I said just pray and ask God to protect your mind, body, heart, and spirit as you sleep. He says he knows it’s the enemy trying to mess with him. So I sent him Psalm 91 and emphasized verses 14-16 and said He will never leave you. Just ask and you will receive. He is always with us. After a few more texts he says, “ok Ma, thanks, I love you and good night.”
Never in a million years would I have ever thought my son and I would have a conversation which included God and His word. He is so good!!!!



  1. Praise God! I memorized Psalm 91, and strongly recommend all reading this do also – as we dwell in Christ our Shelter, God keeps us from fear (v. 5) & infectious disease (v. 6-8), & harm (v. 9); we will trample the great lion and the serpent (v. 13), and, as you highlighted today, He will protect and deliver us from trouble… Hallelujah!

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