He Restores


The above picture is a confirmation of just how God is so faithful to us. My older son, 19, spoke to his father today for the first time since he was 5 years old. See, things happened, I left, we divorced and he chose to stay out of their lives. (My daughter is 22) My son had the hardest time with his father abandoning him and his sister. He was angry pretty much his whole life. He hated me and he blamed me too. Long story short, we’ve made amends because God showed up in our lives.
After the week that I had this status that he posted on his Facebook really made my day. His sister took a screenshot of it and sent it to me. My son then sent me a text and told me all about it and said how happy that it made him feel to have a real conversation with his dad. I was really happy for him. I’ve been asking God to help heal my son’s brokenness and He is. Today He restored a broken relationship between father and son just like He restored a mother and son relationship too. God is so faithful,  so loving, and always right on time!




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