Symphony that almost didn’t complete

Disciples of hope

An article sent to me, felt like you might benefit from it as well:

A Church organist was practising a beautiful piece composed by Felix Mendelssohn, but he was not doing it too well! Frustrated, he gathered up his music and started to leave. He had not noticed, a stranger come in, and sit in a rear pew.

As the organist turned to leave, the stranger came forward, and asked if he could play the piece.

“I never let anyone touch this organ!” came the blunt reply. Finally after two more polite requests, the grumpy organist, reluctantly gave him permission!

The stranger sat down, and filled the sanctuary with beautiful, flawless music. When he had finished, the organist asked, ” Who are you? ” The man replied, “I am Felix Mendelssohn.”
The organist had almost prevented the song’s creator from playing his own music!

Friends. So often we too try…

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