For The Word of God is Living

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So with a heavy heart I will tell you all that my oldest, my only daughter, who is 22 years old will be moving out of state next month. I will miss her, of course, but I’ve always told my children to not waste time, it is so precious. He allows us time to fulfill His purpose and to not waste it. She, of course, is worried to leave myself and her little brother, my youngest, but we tell her to go on ahead into the world and live her dreams. Which is exactly what she’s going to do.

She only recently accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Which I am so very happy about. I was getting worried there for a minute. She doesn’t know this, but the above picture is a journaling bible that I purchased for her and am highlighting verses and in the margin explaining why I highlighted and so she can go to passages when she needs to. I will do anything for her to keep her eye on Him. So she will continue to grow in His word and know Him and how great His love is. I will continue to work on this and will hand it to her right before she walks away on that concourse headed out to the world. It’s scary for me, she’s been with me the longest, but I know she must do what she needs to do. She told me she had prayed one night and the next morning she woke up with an urgency, that has not left her, to leave here and move on and upward. I said, “He’s been waiting patiently for you to ask Him, and you did, and there’s your answer.” I’m hoping this gift I will give her will help her get through times when I am not there to comfort her or tell her what to do. I will ask Him to guide me that day so He can speak through me to her when I place it in her hands.






  1. I remember when my daughter left to college, way across the U.S – 3,000 miles from home. I was worried, scared, sad, concerned with all her freedom away from the nest. I wondered if she would make the right decisions and how she would act in the face of temptations. When she left, she “believed” in God but was also open to other religions. But God showed me the scripture, “train up a child in the way he (she) should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it.” I took that scripture as a promise, a solemn vow from God! And to my elation, after a couple of rough years, she turned to God and made a full commitment to Him!!! She needed that “split” to develop a real relationship with Him, not one spoon fed to her by her mom. She needed to find her own way to Him. Trust God! As much as you love your little girl (which she’ll always be in your mind), God loves and cares for her even more!!! 😍

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  2. Thank you for this. She’s already graduated from college and was in the world out here..she’s seen the ugliness and lived it in our own personal lives, when she accepted Him as her Savior it was the best. I know you’re right in that He loves and cares for her and in the end it’s always her decision to stay on the path or turn away. This I’m doing because it was also impressed on me one night as I prayed. I know He will always watch over her and her brothers. Just the parent in me you know. Again, I appreciate your awesome words of encouragement.


  3. Andi, I know you’ll miss her even though you have other children. When my daughter left to get married and I was suffering really bad from my back injury, my World fell apart completely, or so I thought. She’s my only child. God did the miraculous through me.

    Your daughter is moving where there is family. My daughter went where there was only her husband.

    She’ll be fine. God’s in Control.

    Father God, I come before you petitioning that you not only encamp Andi’s daughter with your angels but that they embrace Andi as well during this heartfelt time. I know the initial pain is the same for any mother whether they have one or more children; but I know you father and how faithful you have been to me and you’ll be to Andi as well. I also ask for the Blood of Christ Jesus to show Andi’s daughter the clear path to the destiny you have in store for her. For father, you feed the birds and they do not sow or reap-how much more do you do for your children? You promised abundance in John10:10 and your Word never comes back void. You are the God of Truth. I thank you in advance for your mighty hand according to your Will and ask all of this in Jesus Name, Amen.

    Dios esta contigo Hermana y tu hija. (Be Still and Know that I am God).

    Abrazos y besos, Emma

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