Bible Study


My 10 year old has the Action Bible that is the most awesome bible for kids I’ve seen. It’s written in comic book form. It grabs their attention. HE LOVES IT! I recently bought the devotional that goes with it. He reads one page a day and then I have him write down what he read and have him read it aloud to himself. At the end of each week there is an overview and a few questions and ideas he has to go over. I thought he may have a problem with doing that but he actually enjoys it.
I want my son to be excited for the Word always. I want him to know it and sense how much God loves us. Now, my 10 year old has always been very spiritual and has always loved God but I want more for him and I don’t want him to let time go by like I did. He is the one who always reminds people when they’re wrong or he feels they do wrong, he says “You need Jesus” or “They need Jesus”. Some will laugh but he is completely serious and he will say, “you’re laughing now but when He comes you won’t be”. He is right!



      1. I am in a class called BSF, which stands for Bible Study Fellowship in which you study the different Books of the Bible. It is held all around the world. You should check it out, and see if you are able to attend. At the time, we are studying the Book of Revelation. After Spring Break, we will be registering for the Book of John for next year. The classes are free. You can go online, and see where they are held in your area. The website is

        They even have classes for the younger children. I used to take my granddaughter with me, and she loved it. She learned so much about the Bible. The adults, as well as the children have homework lessons every week. It causes you to dig in the Word, and learn about God.

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      2. Wow Carla! Thank you! I have been searching for classes to take, but they are all so expensive. I am going to go and check online and see if they are available in my area. God Bless You!!!!

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