Be Doers!


When I was younger and not much of a believer, I used to think, “I’m good because I went to church when so and so got married or when so and so was baptized, etc..”And it’s sad to know that there are people who still think this. I know many, but out of denial and pride, they look down at me and think, “She’s a faker, she can’t have changed, she is who she’s always been and always will be.” I want to scream to high heaven and shake them about and say, “REALLY??? You, of all people, know who I was and how I lived, and you still refuse to believe He changed me!!!” But my Father quiets me down and impresses on me to keep doing what I’m doing, for actions speak louder than words. Words are words, and can be lies. That’s how the enemy gets us. But God, see, God touches our hearts and resides there.  Hence the word, ACTIONS. We act out what He impresses on us. We live how He wants us to live. We are who He wants us to be. We are, in essence, Him. As He says in John 17:21,that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. 

So, for myself, I know I have a lot of work to do. I have many things left to do since I’m a newbie. I can’t waste time and to be honest, neither should you. I say, let’s start a list, one thing per day, or more if you want, of something that you feel you should do, need to do, or is impressed on you. And yes, some of those things are going to be hard. But we are merely doing as our Father asks. Like any good child would do for their Father, do as you’re asked.

As I say to my children, don’t waste time, it’s precious, we can never get that time back. So let’s be doer’s, not just hearers.

Be blessed everyone!



  1. Cautionary note: our “old self” which was crucified with Christ always is trying to get our new self to fall for grace + works (legalism). Always. Do not do anything that does not originate with God within you. Ever.
    Discernment is key. Stand strong in the faith. There is NOTHING we can do to please God of ourselves – it is Christ formed in us that pleases our Father. Love you, my sister. ❤️


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