Blessings in Disguise


Last Wednesday  on my way to drop my son off at school, as I turned into the parking lot, my muffler fell. 😕
I still had yet to drive to work and it was raining. So I got off to check and it was suspended enough to make it. I pulled into my school parking lot in hopes no one was around to hear or see my muffler slightly dragging. All day I kept thinking how I needed to lift it somehow. It rained all day. After work, I went to pick up my son, clank…clank…dragging sound..all the way. I had to go pick up 2 of my friends boys at school. MORE clank, clank, dragging noise. We finally got home and the muffler fell..I was grateful we had it made it without it completely falling off in the street. Anyway…later on..I rigged it just enough so I could make it to a shop the next day.


Yea…not cute is it?? I make it to the shop next day and they wanted $1100 to fix it. I brought it down to $400 for the time being and said I’d bring it back to have other things replaced when I had the money. The following day I decided to check out a dealership for a newer used car. I’m a single mom, no other income but mine. I thought I could wing a small payment. Little did I know God had other plans for me. Within an hour of me sitting down I was, somehow the owner of a brand new vehicle!!! I have never owned a brand new vehicle in my entire life. I had only dreamed of it.

See what I didn’t tell you was that on Tuesday of last week I had gotten an invitation for a Nissan know those flyers that come in the mail..I looked at it and set it on the table and said out loud, “Man God if I could buy one I’d do it but for right now I’m good, but if you think I need a new one send me a sign.” The next morning my muffler falls. Coincidence? Then at the dealership, everything seemed to fall into place. I didn’t have to hardly speak and when a question came up, as I would start to ask, it was answered for me. My youngest son and oldest daughter were with me and they too sensed a supernatural force at work. I sat there and said, “ok God whatever happens is your will..not mine but yours”. And like I said I was an owner of a brand, spanking new vehicle! Through my troubles, I kept the faith, and let Him lead and He blessed me. When we got in to take it home I said, “thanks to…?” And we all chimed in and said, “THANK YOU JESUS!!!”
When the waters begin to rage, don’t get scared, trust Him. He will see us through everything. Believe!




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