For Though We Walk In The Flesh..


I’ve been absent for awhile now, I don’t know if I was missed or not. But I’m here tonight. I have been going through major spiritual attacks. I’m talking knock out, drag out, ’til the 12th round fights. To the point of complete exhaustion and illness. I don’t know how I could have made it through without my lil big bro Carlos, who day by day, battled for me in the spirit. Lead me in the right directions and kept me filled with His word, even when I couldn’t read a word of it because of illness. I would pray constantly and I knew He was with me, as I wanted to give up, but I could feel Him pushing me, saying Andi, I chose you, because you are a fighter and always have been, your life struggles were for a reason, this very reason. I’d get up, battle in prayer, as well as physically. It was difficult at times, but I knew I wasn’t alone. We are never alone. Through it all, on dark days, He shone His light in my life, by blessing after blessing. Which for me, was simply waking up to fight another day.

A friend of my lil big bro Carlos, who is a spiritual warrior, told him that I was being attacked because I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing…witnessing to others. Something that now is so easy and simple for me to do, was my downfall, for lack of a better word. I realized that every single day, I had witnessed to someone or the same person over and over and each day I’d get weaker and weaker, sicker and sicker. I’ll give you an example. A coworker of mine, kept asking me out to dinner, etc. I could tell he was not someone I could do that with, was my spirit telling me that? I began to talk with him about why I couldn’t. I said, you do things that are not good for your spirit, you don’t seek God, you don’t read the Word. As each day passed, he became more intrigued by my questions and answers to questions he’d asked me. He finally told me that he grew up in the church but fell away and I said, so see, you know better, but turn away. He then started looking up scripture to prove me wrong, when in fact, as I’m sure we all know, proved me right. I got him to go back into the Word to seek answers. Another coworker told me, that I gave him hope because he remembered how I had been before and how I’ve changed because of God. He said, I want what you have. I told him, He’s right there, just seek Him, He’s waiting for you. There are some other instances I could mention, but I’d be here all night. What I do know is that I became stronger in the Word and in my spirit because of going through this. I definitely know that this is only the beginning. But I won’t be scared away, nope, not me. I will fight tooth and nail to save souls and bring them to know Him. If that’s what He wants me doing, than I shall obey Him.

2 Corinthians 10:3-4
For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.



  1. The devil often attacks me in my dreams – enticing, luring, beguiling, lying. It is then that I’m convinced that what I do for the Lord is a complete threat to him. Don’t give up. God has given you the victory!

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  2. All hell will be against you when you are about the Lord’s business. Praise God for the truth that Jesus is at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us. Then, we are also encouraged by our brothers and sisters in Christ who pray us through these times of spiritual attack. Keep fighting the good fight of faith, my sister! The battle is the Lord’s, and He gives the victory.

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  3. Hi Andi. I am sorry that you have been sick. The enemy will come against us more and more as we do God’s work. But God turns all things around for our good. I went through several months that I was bed-ridden with a back injury and as I cried out to God when I could not walk, He gave me this scripture… Psalm 41:3 “The Lord will give him strength on his bed of sickness. When he is sick, You will make him well again.” There is a reason that you went through this and God will use it somehow. We just keep walking in faith. God bless you, my sister!

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  4. It is so true . . . Satan is out to get us every chance he can get! It is so important for us to realize this so he doesn’t sneak up on us. He will do everything in his power to stop us in our tracks. But, praise the Lord for greater is a He that is in you, then he who is in the world. Praying God will give you His strength in the power of His might to win this battle. Amen and Amen!

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