Spiritual Warfare pt. 1


2 Corinthians 10:3-4King James Version (KJV)

3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: 4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) 

The story I am about to start sharing with you on here is very much true. I, my children, and close friends experienced this with me. Either physically together or separate. Some may not believe me, but I wouldn’t lie about this and really there is no need to. I’m sure some of you have experienced some type of spiritual warfare in your walk with God. These next few days I will post a piece of it so that you can take in what I’ve written and very much experienced. My apologies if some of it seems like rambling, but I wrote what was asked of me. I had battled within myself whether or not to share this, and I asked Him for His guidance and so here I am, as all I could hear was …WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! So as an obedient daughter, here it goes….

When I was a kid I was a fan of horror movies, you name it, I watched it. I was always safe at the end because I made it through the movie and not many of the characters did who were in the movie. I never, in a million years, did I think I’d be smack dab in the middle of my very own, seemed like, horror movie. Devil, demons, angels, and God as the main characters. Myself and people I love included.
I could say this all started a few weeks ago, but it’s been longer than that. I could also say all my life, but I won’t take you down that road until later. So, here it goes.
Back in January, I was offered a deal by a close friend, for myself, and 2 of my children to join his gym again at a very low price. He made the offer because he knows I struggle sometimes and he’s just a good guy. My lil big bro Carlos warned me not to take the offer. I didn’t listen and I went ahead and took the deal. I went for a few weeks and everything was going fine. Or so I thought. When I decided to get more serious about working out and going harder like I used to, I became extremely ill. This illness lasted for 2 whole months. See, my friend, the owner of the gym is not a believer and I’d had sensed things were not right at his place of business. I’d spoken of it to my lil big bro Carlos and he had warned me, like I said, but I didn’t heed his warnings. So for being disobedient and thinking I could handle things on my own, I got the backlash of it. I am back to my old self since just a few short weeks ago, praise God but it wasn’t a pretty 2 months.  I was experiencing extreme fatigue, sinus infection, fever, body aches, you name I had it. The worst part was the extreme fatigue. I absolutely could not get out of bed. I could not do my daily writings or readings of the bible due to the fact I was so ill. That is when I knew something was not right. One time when I went to the Family Christian Store to have a look around, I had to leave almost immediately. I became nauseous. I had tunnel vision, cold sweats, fever and I couldn’t get home fast enough. I got into bed at 5pm and stayed in that bed until 5:30pm the next day. I’d pray and to no avail. This happened the week of spring break, (April). The following Monday I had to return to work and was worried about returning, because I was afraid I’d be too sick to go. I woke up that day and felt fantastic. I got through the day without any problem. As I was leaving work, my lil big bro Carlos sent me a message asking me how I felt and I said, great! He went on to say that during prayer that morning, it got deep for him. He was praying for me as usual and things made a turn and in the spirit he had to push something off of me. He prayed whatever it was, he prayed it off of me. He pushed it back. This man is the realest guy I know. When he says he will do something, he means it. After that day, I became stronger in prayer. He’s always got my back and I thank God for sending him my way. My life would be different without him. He’s the big brother I’d always wanted and didn’t really have. I have 4 older brothers, but didn’t really have that big brother relationship that I’d like to have.
During this time, my older son, who had lived with one of my brothers in Colorado, had moved out of his home and began to drink and I assume do drugs. Going back down the road from which he had come. I told his older sister and younger brother we had to pray for him. Each time I did, I had the feeling that he’d return to my brothers house when my daughter would join him out there in Colorado. Little did I know, how this would all play out.





      1. Yes, it’s often hand-to-hand combat, and God once told me in an amazing dream that even if trouble is pursuing us, He only uses it to make us stronger —we never lose in Him. We are far far far far ahead of the evil one’s treacherous schemes because the Lord said ‘It is finished!’ Once He trains us up to see that with eyes of faith, look out , those battles in prayer begin to turn into victory after glorious victory! BIG blessings and looking forward to reading more!

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