Side Note to Spiritual Warfare series


I found myself wondering about certain things that I did not add in the Spiritual Warfare series. Certain dreams and feelings that I had. So it’s only right to share a few.

On August 16, 2015 I was baptized in a full immersion baptism, born again. My lil big bro Carlos said to me before I went back, “I’ll see you on the other side.” I didn’t fully understand what he meant. I just smiled and said, “Ok”. It was a great feeling afterward, I can not explain. I was glowing, or I felt like it. Carlos told me to pray. I did of course, but nothing like I do now. That night I had the first of my VERY VIVID dreams.

I was being sought after by a group of rabid dogs/wolves, they were huge. I was in a house with my older sisters, I have 8 of them. I was scared and worried about these creatures getting in. They would try to turn the knobs of the doors and tried to get in through a doggy door that was at the back door. My sisters were oblivious to them trying to get in. I realized, in my dream, that only I could see them. They were happy, making popcorn, laughing, talking, etc. Things we did when I was younger. I kept running around the house trying to prevent them from coming in. They were deliberately taunting me. They knew how and what they were doing. As I stood in front of the door to keep them from turning the knob, I heard in my mind, “You can’t get away from me.” I awoke with a start and I could smell that odor of wet dog. I don’t have pets and it wasn’t raining or anything like that. I shared with Carlos what I had experienced and he said that he knew this would happen to me. He said you were good at being bad and now that you left that behind, he’s going to be hot on your tail, so you must be in prayer and always have your armor prayed on. I was like huh? what????? He said most people think when coming to God that life is easy. He says, don’t get me wrong, things get easier, but if you were good at being bad, like we were, the enemy will attack you because he almost destroyed your life and now you are fighting for it back by seeking God. AAAAAHHHHAAA! Now I got it. This happened quite a few times afterward. I don’t know how else to explain that conversation, but that’s the gist of it. And this is what Carlos meant when he said, “I’ll see you on the other side.” Or that’s what I believe.

The next dream has to do with my recent visit to Colorado. This one was back in September/October. I had dreamt one night of myself coming out of a glass door onto a concrete patio, with tall grass, almost wild grass, rocks/stones around the patio and tall trees. I could smell the air. So fresh, I could smell the dirt and feel the sun on me. When I arrived to Colorado a few weeks ago, my son was outside and everyone kept to what they were doing so he wouldn’t suspect I was there. As I opened the door, the hairs on my arms stood up, as I walked out into the EXACT SAME THING I SAW IN MY DREAM! The dream rushed back with the quickness. I mean fast. This is my brother who lives here and a recently purchased home. I’d not visited with him since 2012, I’d not been to his home though in longer than that. He had only recently moved there and I didn’t know it. After I embraced my son, I turned around and really took it in. Had God shown me this then as a way to prepare me, or for me to know when I saw that, that it was He who sent me there?

What does one have to do with the other? The devil will use your loved ones to get to you. Use people you love, just because he’s that sick and perverse. He’s used my son, a few of my sisters already, and others that I know as well. The other one, He knew I was going to visit Colorado before I did. I believe He wanted me to know, wanted it confirmed that it was He, no one else. I believe He wanted to let me know, He’s with me, fighting for me, when I cannot. He’s walking with me, protecting me from the schemes of the devil.

Again, take it as you wish. Believe me or not. They both exist. Theses things are real.




  1. I had many of these same kinds of experiences after I was first baptized. I would walk into my dreams regularly. For years I didn’t know what to do with it. It is good that you have Carlos to coach you.The pastors and professors I talked to didn’t have a clue what to do with it. They were convinced that the prophetic didn’t happen anymore these days.
    I learned later on that it is as present as always, but not in those that are usurping Yeshua by placing themselves as middlemen between us and Christ.
    Andi, you’re on a bit of a fast track. I’m glad to see it. We battle not against flesh and blood. I see you are realizing this. You’ll probably be in the thick of it for awhile until its all sorted out.
    Be strong in Yahweh and the power of His might!


  2. Hi sis! I know that you know what I’m about to say, but we must continue to know these truths and apply them (Peter writes something like that, I recall). The Lord shows us the things of Satan to grow us in the knowledge of the spiritual realm. It is key that, as He does so, we press into HIM and keep our eyes on HIM – always the tension, the need for discernment and knowledge of our true identity safe in Christ and the old (already crucified!) one trying to deceive us to think we’re still that person. Love you!

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  3. I’m very interested in Christian dream interpretation. While researching about dreams I’ve learned they should line up with God’s word. That’s what intrigues me about interpreting dreams. What do they mean? I know one thing is for sure we are so vulnerable in our sleep… So the devil will certainly take advantage of that. So be sure to pray over your mind before you go to sleep! My husband used to have terrible haunting nightmares of his past, but I believe he’s been delivered, when we’re vigilant of the devil, it makes his job harder. I’m so happy to read of your light bulb moments… When our relationship with Christ starts to make some sense, because he’s still a mystery to me… Everyday I’m learning more and more that I’m not where I want to be… But I suppose “knowing is half the battle”
    Did I make any sense? 😒👊👆

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    1. made complete sense. Lol. And I do pray over myself, my mind, heart ,soul, body, and spirit every night and I also do the same for my kids. Even tho the 2 older ones live out of state I know I cover them.
      And we will never be where we think we should be until we are joined with him. So I agree, it’s half the battle.


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