Church service today well it was good. Actually, great as always. Something happened while I was praying during altar call. I don’t know how to explain it. 

My friend and her husband are the worship leaders for the Spanish service. Today I went to that service not the English. Anyway, she’s singing Victor’s Crown..which is one of my faves. Anyway, the part where they say..everything high thing must come down, every stronghold can be broken…if you’re  familiar with the song..when she began to sing that part..I’m praying, eyes closed and suddenly I’m in a dark place but can still hear the music. I start to envision my older son chained to a large block and he’s trying to break free, I see myself step on the chains and then I feel something bigger than myself step on the chains too, my son is struggling, he breaks the chains and he pushes through these huge doors and he starts running for his life to catch up to us (me, my daughter and younger son) I then see myself turn around and push that door closed..heavy doors..I see a huge man in a white robe battling with the chains. This vision happens in mere emotional.for me, I didn’t realize I was crying. That’s never happened to me before. It was amazing, so much so I don’t know what to think.
I share this with my Lil big bro Carlos and I say, why? Why was I shown this? I sometimes still feel I’m not worthy of visions, messages, etc. Carlos says, “Andi when God wants to show you something He will do just that”. He knows I’ve been praying for my older son and said, “Maybe this was to show you that He will break your son free from bondage.”
Lately,  I’ve been sent messages through dreams so this one was shown to me when I was wide awake. I don’t doubt it, it just shook me.
I’ll say this again…you may believe me and some may not. I don’t have reason to lie or make this up. He hears us, speaks to us, shows us, and delivers us. Amen? AMEN!



  1. It seems like your family is under extreme attack. I don’t know if you guys read the Bible together as a family but if you don’t then it seems worse then what it really is. I say this because sometimes when my faith is weak the attacks that I received seem extreme but once I’m strengthened the attack doesn’t fell as bad. Before my kids can play they have to read the Bible with me and trust me….they always hover over me dying to read so they can play which is a good thing because they are being trained in God’s Word. It also gives me the opportunity to explain scripture so they can get an accurate understanding. The only and I mean only way to fight these demonic attacks is by eating a lot and getting fat in God’s Word.

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    1. Yes…he attacks me because I was once a faithful soldier and did his biddings. I didn’t worship him but I wasn’t a nice person let’s put it that way. I do share scripture with my 2 older ones who live out of state and with my youngest he has his Action Bible and the devotional, that’s his reading. We talk and pray together everyday. And I agree when I’m filled with His word I don’t feel weak, but sometimes he creeps into my dreams or sends someone to try and ruin my spirit. But I like that you do that with your kids, that’s smart. Now that I know how to deal with these attacks I feel well equipped as when before I was afraid bcz I didn’t understand. But yes the only way to fight it is by being kept full. 👍💪😆❤☝

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      1. That’s great….as long as you continue in your walk with the Lord like your doing the enemy cannot knock you down. It’s like sitting in a long chair with a soft drink in one hand and on a beach relaxing with no worries (mind you this is happening in your head) while in reality you are in the middle of a storm. That’s what strong faith looks like…you can’t beat that with a bat…LOL

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  2. Andi, thank you for sharing this post. As l read it, l felt as if God was saying that He was going to set your son free from the chains that have been holding him in bondage. Also, l want to encourage you to let you know that God also speaks to me in dreams and open visions, as well and one thing l have always been told is whenever God shows you things, it is because He can trust you. Only those God can trust, He reveals His secrets to. Andi, God is trying to let you know that He can trust you, and one thing you will learn as you grow in God is, you cannot share everything that God reveals to you with everyone. Everything that God shows you or tells you is not always for you to share. Sometimes, some things are revealed to you for you to pray about and sometimes, it is for you to share with the specific individual as a warning. Whatever you are to do in the situation, God will always guide and instruct you. I had to learn that, and l am still working on that. Be encouraged, and trust God.

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    1. I felt that way too Carla. About Him setting him free. And I think I wrote about it because I didn’t know what to make of it. And for you to tell me that God trusts me is absolutely incredible!!!! I never thought that or would think that, thank you for sharing that piece of information with me. And my problem is I get so excited because I get these messages and I want others to feel the way I do, but when I have shared other things they’re either unbelieving or looking at me crazy. From now on I will be more careful of what I share and if I should. Thank you Carla. Bless you! 😊👍❤☝

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      1. Andi, one thing l would like to suggest is keeping a journal of all of your dreams and visions. This is something that l do. I date each one that way whenever God gives me revelation or the interpretation of the dream, l can always go back from the date, and it allows me to see the time frame in which God has worked. Also, you also have to understand even in your excitement; everyone is not going to be happy for you, and everyone does not have the same level of faith, so therefore, everyone is not going to believe as you do, even when God has shown you things, and some people will even start praying against you.

        When you get a chance, please read Genesis 37:5, 19-20

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      2. Andi, you are so welcome. Be encouraged. God has a way of allowing us to trust Him instead of putting so much trust into people. I am telling you what l know from experience. I will be 52 years old this month, and God has taught me so much first hand, and l thank Him for it, and l try my best to share with others whenever possible so they will not have to experience so much hurt or regret as l have. We are helpers, one to another.

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