Psalm 116:7


So last night I was falling asleep and turned over to reach for the remote to my TV. I quickly sat up, eyes wide open because I knew I had just seen a fleeting shadow jump onto my bed. At first I said to myself, no it was a trick of the light, then said no that was a trick of the devil. I prayed, then fell asleep. I awoke at 3:15am with that feeling of not being alone. I got up, walked through the house, prayed, then fell back to sleep. I again woke up at 6:30am. I awoke with this overwhelming worry about my financial situation. I have not had this type of worry in a long while.
That gut wrenching, twisting pull on your stomach. Well that’s what it feels like. Anyway, I hadn’t felt that worry in a quite some time and no, not because I’m financially secure, I’m far from that, but because my trust has been with God for this entire year since I’ve come to know Him. So, I called out and said God please take this worry from my mind. I then grabbed my cell and saw I had a notification from iDisciple, an awesome Christian app, if you don’t have it I suggest you download today, it’s great! Anyway, the verse of the day was Psalm 116:7
7 Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.
I love it when He reassures me that He’s listening and always there to guide me.
As for the overwhelming worrisome feeling, I’m sure that fleeting shadow I saw was sent and whispering sweet little lies into my ear all night. Ha! Who got the last laugh?? The devil is always hard at work to distract us from our purpose. Don’t let him. God’s with us, all the time! Amen? Amen!



    1. I used the free part but then I went to Family Christian bookstore and subscribed there. The cashier showed me all the things she was able to do and get everyday. I enjoy it. It was worth the 4.95 monthly.

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