The Fathers in My Life


I had a biological father, of course, we all do. He gave me life, but after my mom passed when I was 6, I went on to live with my sisters instead. I am the baby of a family of 13. Yup, I’m lucky #13. We lived in the same town, but I rarely saw him until he came to live with us for a short time. I don’t recall if he moved out first or I left to live out of state with another sister when I was 9. After that, there was little to no contact. I knew I had a dad, but we didn’t have that father daughter relationship that most do. I didn’t really connect with my dad until I was 18. It was then that I learned from him that education was very important. See, he had barely gotten through to the 6th grade. He had lived through the Great Depression, so he knew what it was to live without. He also made it clear to me, that nothing is given to us, that as long as we had 2 hands and 2 feet, we could work for ours. We had bonded over books. We shared the love of reading. Something I was proud of. We’d trade books and I’d stop with the kids when we’d drive by his apartment. I can still see him now, sitting at his table reading the newspaper or doing a crossword puzzle. We shared some good times, good laughs, and he was a great storyteller. I loved his stories of when they were migrant workers, he , my mom, and my older siblings. That’s how I remember him. My 2 oldest got to know him, however, they were young when we eventually moved away. They’d still see him during summer vacations but our bond or connection was never fully formed, or so that’s how I see things. He passed in 2012. At that time I hadn’t come to know God, as I do now, so I assumed he had gone to heaven. It saddens me now to know that my dad was not saved. I really never heard him speak of God. Not once.

My spiritual father, Luis Vergara, my pastor at Desatar Ministry is a man of great faith. The first time I heard him preach, I was in awe of how he delivered the Word. I hadn’t heard it delivered that way, EVER! With such passion, faith, belief, and most of all love for us all sitting in the church. Even for those who’d never entered the church, he shared his love for God with us all. Today, is Father’s Day and we honored him at church, but before we did that, he, along with us all, honored OUR FATHER. He did it, of course, with passion. Pastor Luis is ON FIRE FOR OUR FATHER!!! We all worshipped and praised together. What made his sermon a bit more special, was that he took out the time to pray for us mothers, who play dual roles in our children’s lives. No, I don’t want to take away any love from father’s on their day. I just mean to say, it was special and nice for him to pray for us, that those lost father’s will soon return to love and teach their children. He went on to say, “and to those father’s who had a bad start with their children, the Lord says, it’s not over until you’re finished.” Our Father works on us everyday, every minute, so it should be the same for earthly fathers. That right there was awesome!!! I love to see a man with their sons and daughters teaching them, showing them, letting them know everything will be ok. That warms my heart. My youngest, Anjel, was with me at church today and when Pastor prayed over us mother’s too, he leaned in and gave me a kiss and grabbed my hand and said, “God’s going to bless you mom, so don’t worry.” I squeezed his hand and yes, held back my tears. I believe my Father gave him that message for me.

So today I honored the three Fathers in my life who taught me, love me, guide me, and lead the way. Happy Father’s Day!


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