Obedience to Him

Remember a few days back I was struggling with tithing this week? Well, as my Lil big bro Carlos and I say, God got jokes. He sure does. Today’s sermon was all about obedience. A few shared their testimonies about obeying Him and the result of it. I know also, because I’ve obeyed Him and He’s blessed me too. I’m most certain that today He was simply confirming to me that I should continue to listen and obey as I have been. Only He knows what our blessings will be that He gives us but I believe that the blessing comes immediately when we obey His will. You know that saying, it pays for itself. That’s exactly what I believe happens when we obey Him. I just wanted to share how I chuckled this morning at church and sat back and listened while He said, “watch, listen, and learn Andi”. I love my Father, He’s forever faithful. amen? AMEN!!



  1. Tithing is a tough spiritual discipline. I heard a joke once that has a lot of truth in it. A guy was being baptized. And right at the last minute he yelled “wait” and took his wallet out of his back pocket. The preacher said, “See the wallet is always the last things that gets baptized.”

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    1. Haha!!! Yes it’s tough but after I prayed about it I felt it easier because I immediately know what I have when I take the 10% out first. And every time I should be in the red I miraculously make it…we both know why don’t we? Faithful is the Father to His obedient daughter/son. 😊❤☝👍

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