Faith of A Child

Today was an awesome Sunday service at church. For the first time, I was able to take my 2 year old granddaughter to church with me. I did bring along a few crayons and coloring book to keep her occupied. I thought I’d have a hard time. Thank God, literally, that I didn’t. 

Upon our arrival she met my friend and her husband, who are the Spanish service worship leaders. When it was time for them to start worshipping, she watched as they made their way up to the stage and was in complete awe of them singing and playing music. She sat back and took it all in. She really enjoyed it. And every single song was about God freeing you. Something I had prayed about for my granddaughters mom. That He may free her heart from anger so we would be able to see my granddaughter more often. I, with my whole heart, believe He was confirming that He heard my prayers and will always be there for us. I felt Him all around me as these songs were played and sung. I was so blessed today. 

Remember….no matter what you may be going through, He is always with us, He always hears us, and never a second late. He is always right on time!

Thank you Lord!!



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