Month: August 2016

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A Message in a Dream??

Friday night I fell asleep and slept deep. Does that make sense? Anyway, I woke up from a dream that was so real. I had been summoned to the house of my Pastor’s. My Pastora opened the door and led me in. As I entered the house, I walked past a room and saw my Pastor lying in bed with his arm over his eyes. I continued down the hall and saw my Pastora dressed in a black robe/cloak with red swirly designs and she was writing furiously in a notebook. She looked as though she had been crying or she may have had a cold. I’m standing there watching her and then I see her pacing the room, her mouth moving but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. Then she looks at me and says, “Come back in 3 days and I can help you”. I was confused because I had been summoned there. Or that’s how it seemed to me. As she led me out the door, I looked back and felt complete sadness. When I woke up I had that worry pang in my stomach. It bothered me the rest of the weekend. 

So yesterday we go to church and we’re worshipping and my Pastora opens for the sermon. She stands there and says, “This weekend I had the spirit of pity come over me, do you all know what that means? Sad, pathetic, oh someone feel sorry for me, and I don’t and didn’t understand why this was happening to me. But instead of giving in to this feeling, because I wanted to, I stood firm in the promises of my Lord!” The church erupted in cheer. I stood there with the vision of what I had dreamt just swirling all around me. I was speechless! I believe that my God was summoning me to pray for her/them when He showed me this in a dream. At first, I was like no, no this isn’t, this can’t be. But like my Lil big bro Carlos says, “when God wants to show you something, that’s exactly what He will do”. 

Believe me or not, this happened. All I can say is that next time, I will wake up praying for whatever it is or whoever He wants me to pray for. Amen? AMEN!

Stay Prayed Up!

Good evening all…I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed day today!!

The above picture is something I follow and execute everyday, for the devil walks the earth in search of someone to devour. UNLESS, we stop him in his tracks and make him bow down to the power of Almighty God!! How?? Staying prayed up!!

I previously mentioned that me and my little family were going through a rough time but that I have held on because I knew and know that God will always come through, in His time. He’s been telling me to wait, and I have been, ever so patiently. Even in days where I could’ve pulled my hair out. I stood firm and prayed, but most of all, praised Him, no matter what was thrown my way. 

I’m going to share this screen shot (below) that made my night last night. It is Facebook post that my son made yesterday. The way it all came about, the details, are very, well how can I say? Very much how God has always shown me His love and power, IN YOUR FACE type love. He always gets me that way and I love Him for it. Anyway, excuse the profanity in the screen shot…apologizing beforehand. 

Can I get an amen?!?! AMEN!!!!

P.S. Aside from the profanity, I hope no one is a huskers fan!! 😁