Month: August 2016

Dear God…..

I am struggling right now with my heart breaking because of problems with my older son. He was doing so well and now, not so much. I have tried staying positive, and have done so more than I’m sure you know. I prayed hard today and let You know that I want to be shown or taught a new praise, a new song from You. I do know You are with me because I can feel Your presence. I am giving You my son for You to mold him, show him, and be with him when I can not. You have been nothing but faithful to us and I trust that this struggle is for a reason. You, Father, have brought me back from the darkness, and I know, in Your time, You will bring my son back too. 

I love you My God, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. I will praise you always, especially through the storm. 

Love from Your daughter,


Shared from Bill Hitchcock:  The Book of Revelation 


​A quick and interesting look.

The Book of Revelation tends to scare people. Many think of it in terms of end times, destruction, of horrible beasts, unsightly events and of personal tragedy. But the Book of Revelation is a book about overcoming. It written to encourage all to overcome the lust and sin of this world. Jesus makes this point clear in the second and third chapters of Revelation when He addresses each of the seven churches by saying, “to he/him that overcometh” and then lists off the benefits to be gained for those that do.

To overcome this world requires patience, a lifetime of patience and endurance. This patience and endurance is generated and sustained by our absolute faith in Jesus Christ.

“Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus” (Revelation 14:12).

The “patience of the…

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