Do Not Be Afraid….


Good evening all! I have been absent, for those of you who may have missed me, I am slowly coming back to my writing.

I’ve been, we’ve been, my small family and I have been struggling with some demons who have used the cracks in my son’s armor to manipulate him. Before I get the nay sayers or the internet trolls who love to tear down a faithful servants faith and love for our Lord, I will say, stop! This post is not for you to belittle our God, who is Almighty in everything! Now, for those of you who have followed me for awhile or just recently, I will share with you this, my son is a recovering meth addict. He’s facing this battle, he thought alone, but by the grace of our Father, he sent my niece and nephews who have all battled some sort of addiction in their life to help him through this. They know how to speak to him and what to say and when to say it. They’ve walked that dark road and came out shining with God’s help. They are filled with immense faith, love, forgiveness, and are just amazing kids. They’re not kids anymore, they are in their late 20’s and know what it is to be taken over by the demon spirit of addiction. They know that the road is long, dark, rough, and ugly, but they also know that at the end of that road is hope, faith, love, and that God isn’t waiting at the end of that road. No, He’s walking the road with him. As my youngest son Anjel said, ‘Mom, just reach for His hand when the storm gets too much, He’s right there, He will pull you through’.  I told my oldest son what his little brother said and he didn’t say much, he just said, “I know”.

So you’re wondering why I’m sharing this with you? Well, because I was lead to write and share. Someone somewhere will read this and give them hope to know they are not alone in any of what they are going through. None of us are. Another reason is because just Saturday my niece sent me a message and said that my son had declared one victory that day. He saw another user and he told her he saw himself in them and said, “Nope, not today devil, not me, I ain’t going back!” One victory or two, I’ll take it. Why? Because I know that my God is forever victorious and we are in Him!

It always seems that when a raging storm comes, we are riding it out, getting wet, battered, bruised…..then lo and behold, our Lord comes through, shining the light and sending someone or some situation presents itself where my son is pulled out of whatever pit he fell into. I am over 1,000 miles away from him and there were nights I didn’t know if my son was alive or not, but deep inside I knew, I felt the warmth of God all over me letting me know that He had my son. I was given a word from Holy Spirit through my Pastor and was told that I am not alone in my pain, struggle, hurt, and tears, that He is with me and my son is being readied for what is to come. My Pastor went on to say that what he’s going through now is for a reason, nothing is ever in vain; for me to just hold on and keep the faith. He didn’t have to tell me the last part because I should be dead about 4 times over but He’s saved me each time, so I know that He will do the same for my son. Whatever the reason is for my son’s struggles, the blessing will be great. I have the utmost faith in that. Our Father wouldn’t lie. He knows all!

My closing words to you all are this….don’t ever lose faith, don’t ever doubt that He is with us…THROUGH IT ALL! …He’s holding your hand, carrying you, pushing you on, fighting by your side…He’s a faithful Father. Don’t listen to the nay sayers or these internet trolls who love to TRY to tear down our great Father, you know better! Keep the faith brothers and sisters. He’s right there, always has been, always will be!




  1. You gotta love internet trolls, no consideration for anybody but themselves. They don’t care if they hurt, if anything, that is their goal. How tragic their own lives must be, to treat another human being with such hatred and abuse. I had a Christian man call me a whore last night on Twitter, trolls come in all shapes and sizes, even amongst Christians. What this Troll didn’t realise was, that it spoke more of his disgusting ways and lack of Christ like character, than it did about me, he didn’t know me, but decided to spew hate at me. Didn’t work though, he deleted me, I deleted him, and life goes on. I’ve learnt not to even entertain their selfish desires, and just dismiss them like naughty children. Some times I think adults are more childish than children, and it’s times like this that confirm it. I love your Faith, unshakeable, and I am inspired by all the support he has, barracking and encouraging his walk back to wellness. He will be a mighty warrior for Jesus, helping others when he has recovered, but meanwhile, this is a part of his journey, that he needs to battle, to experience, to be able to relate. My prayers are with you, your son and your family. I have no doubt, he will get through this, with such Faith filled loved ones surrounding him 🙂 God Bless xxx

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    1. Amen amen amen and amen!!!!!!!
      Oh that’s so sad that someone would say that to you..not knowing you..your struggle..your story…disgusted!!! But good that you went about your merry way as you should have.😊
      And thank you thank you for your kind and words full of love and hope for my family and son. I hear u when u say this is part of his journey..I agree.
      God bless you!!!😊❤☝👍

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  2. Praying for you and your children. The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy… and uses anyone and anything that he can. But we have an awesome God who loves us and is full of grace and mercy. Your son will get through this and will have amazing testimony for God. The prayers of the righteous availeth much… and God hears your prayers, my lil’ sister!! God bless you all!

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