Fear of the Lord

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A few weeks ago, my eleven year old son came home from school and he was a bit distraught. The look he had on his face I will never forget. He asked me if I had received a call from the principal at his school. I said no but immediately asked why would I? He knelt down next to the chair I was in and his eyes welt up with tears. He never gets into trouble at school so I became worried. He then began with, “Mom, I don’t know what happened to me today but I hit another boy in my class after he hit me.” Tears rolled down his cheeks. He told me of some racial tauntings from the day before and through that morning and said the boy hit him from behind and he reacted. I remind you that my son is trained in both MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and boxing. He could have really hurt someone, but instead he blocked what he could and then struck once and stood back because my son is tall and husky for his age. He’s 5’5″, that’s tall for an 11 year old. In no way, am I condoning his behavior, as I feel he was acting in complete defense of himself.  Anyway, what happened next is what brought me to write and share this story with you. He continues on with his story and tells me, “Mom that wasn’t me, I am not that person and I don’t want to be that person who gets into trouble, I don’t want to ever have to resort to violence.” He goes on to say this, “But oh my God Mom, will He forgive me? Will He understand? What do I say?” I gasped and said, “Anjel! Yes, He will forgive you and He will show you how to handle things, just ask Him for His guidance.”

I sat there in awe of my son! I, as a grown up, an adult, have never seen the fear of the Lord in someone’s eyes as I did that day in his. He was more worried for what He thought than what I thought. Of course, he worried for what his punishment would be. But he said, “Can we talk later about my punishment because I have to go and talk to Him right now?” Needless to say, we were late to his football practice that evening because he wouldn’t leave until he felt he was ready and finished his conversation with His Father.

I am so very proud of my son for demonstrating that type of love, faith, fear, and reverence for our Lord. I smile in hindsight because since I came to know the Lord, I know that we are to put Him first in everything, and I’ve shared that with him time and again. I was worried he wasn’t understanding what that meant, but now I know he understood and understands because that’s exactly what my boy did, went to Him first!

Now…can I get an Amen??? AMEN!!!




  1. Amen!!!! Thanks, Andi, for sharing this touching blessing! Your son showed us how our hearts should always be…looking to the Lord first and depending on Him. When we mess up, we just go back to Him. He’ll never turn us away.

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    1. Thank you! I will never forget that day. I will share with his own kids when he has them and they are having a rough time.
      And yes, to fear the Lord will allow us to realize our earthly fears are but small and of little importance.

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