Daughter of The King


So most of you who follow me know that I’ve been absent since I’ve started this blog almost one year ago. I’ve shared a few reasons why I’ve been absent. See, the enemy has been hard at work trying to kill, steal, and destroy up in my family. Let me tell you about his latest scheme. I told you already about him trying to destroy my son’s life through addiction. Well, here is a new scheme he tried pulling on us.

A few months back I started to be really sick, just sucked of all my energy, then sinus infection, one right after another. I went to see a specialist and we made arrangements for me to go ahead and have surgery done because during his exam, he found a polyp in my nasal cavity. I was ecstatic to have it removed to finally be rid of what had been plaguing me these past few years, but more so in these last few months. So surgery was scheduled for November 14th. The Thursday prior to my surgery, which would’ve been November 10th, a coworker and friend came to me and asked me a favor. I was all ears. He’s a man of God, yes sir he is. He then asked if I would be willing to speak at his youth group retreat in December. I was like what??? me!!! He’s like yes, you! I was excited, honored, and happy he had asked me. My wheels just started turning. We needed a theme and I needed to get to praying about this. Friday, the 11th, he approached me and said, “I’m just going to say this, stay prayed up because you know when we unite and are about the Father’s business, that ugly enemy comes lurking.” I said, “Yes, you’re right! I’ll stay prayed up”.

Monday morning, bright and early I am at the hospital checking in with one of my older sisters and we are chatting and then right before they wheel me back, the doctor comes in and tells me it shouldn’t take more than 2 to 3 hours, that if all goes well I should be home by noon or before. Next thing I know, I’m waking up and my sister practically jumps the bed and she’s crying and the nurse begins to talk to me, asking questions, and I look up and notice, it’s almost 1pm. How long had I been out? (5 hours) My sister starts to tell me along with the nurse that what they found was not a polyp but a precancerous tumor that was growing up toward my left eye. (side note: in the scan of my head a week before surgery, nothing was seen but the polyp) They had to remove my tear duct and had I not gone in when I did, that I could’ve lost my eye, which still was baffling, as they hadn’t seen that in any scan.  I look at them all, my sister and now, 2 nurses. I told my sister, “Stop crying! My God’s got me!” They all looked at each other and said, “Did you hear what we said?” I said, “Yes, did you hear what I said?” Now, I don’t know if it was the anesthesia or my true faith in God that those words came out of my mouth, but I truly felt like that. Like, really?? I’m not worried, so why should they be? Am I right?

The next day after everything had worn off and I could feel the pain, I still just prayed it out and asked for continual healing. Today it’s been a week since the surgery and I quit my pain meds on the 3rd day, my nose stopped bleeding, swelling was minimal to none and I’m on the mend. I’ve got one more week with my packing in my nasal/sinus cavity. I wasn’t the only one praying for me. I have a great group of intercessors who jumped right in on my behalf. I love them.

See, the enemy is trying to prevent me from reaching my purpose, trying to prevent me and my family for what our purpose is. But guess what?? That guy forgot who he is dealing with.


I am a daughter of the One True King. I know He has me and my family in the palm of His hand. He will defend me/us, He will fight for me/us, He will lift us up on high. Why? Because He is the Lion of Judah! He will never forsake us. My son Anjel, he’s 11 years old, told me once, when you can’t see Him mom, reach out and He will grab your hand and get you through the storm. To have faith like that, is true love.

A little update on my son, well he’s doing better than he was. Again, because Our Father, the Great I Am, Adonai, Lion of Judah, has got him. Holding his hand right through the storm. I know He’s with him. All the time.






  1. Oh my goodness Andi!! Wow. That’s crazy!! Well, Jesus had you there!! He was protecting you completely. Did they get it all? Any follow ups scheduled or are they done with it? I’ve been hanging out with the ENT doctors myself lately – just got the scope done on my nose and throat the other week myself for sinus problems and lymph node by my ear, nothing like that though!

    I want to pray over you.
    Jesus I just pray for complete healing for Andi, for this tumor to be completely gone and no precancerous cells to be in her body. I pray that you strengthen her double, triple fold as she goes to speak at the youth retry next month, protection for her through then and for many to come closer to you Jesus through her words to the youth. In your precious name Jesus, amen.

    Keep us updated! I’ll be praying! God bless you!!

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    1. Tell me about it!! He totally had me right there…like nope devil..not today!! Yes, my post op appt is the 28th and I apparently have to be checked for the next 2 years for any cancerous cells. But yes they did get it all.
      Amen Joel…I second your plea and prayer for me!
      And definitely…I will…God bless you!

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    1. Oh he’s always messing with me..constantly!! Thank you…I invite you to read my very first post Testimony of a Faithless Daughter and I also have a 5 part series on Spiritual Warfare about incidences that occurred within my small family just this past year.
      God bless you!!

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    2. I thank God for your unwavering faith.
      I join my prayer and faith with yours and the intercessors who has and is praying for your full recovery. You are right the enemy has messed with the wrong Women of Faith. I’m glad you like my Spiritual Warfare blog. I was honored that you re blogged it.

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  2. Praise Yeshua for your awesome testimony that was so encouraging and real. He is still the healer, and yes, healing does depend on our measure of faith to believe for it as you did!

    The enemy fights the people of the Lord anyway he can, and especially through our children, marriages, health, finances and just life! I am fighting the same battle with my own adult son, and it is one of the most painful ordeals I’ve ever been through, but I have faith that he will be delivered through the mighty power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I hope you don’t mind my re-blogging your story as I know it will encourage many of my readers who are struggling with issues of their own.

    I am so glad to hear of your healing and continued recovery, all to the Glory of God!

    Love in Christ,

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    1. Amen sister!!!
      Then let’s pray together for our sons healing. I know that there is a reason for this season..we have to hold on to our faith and He will come through as He promises.
      And reblog away. All for the Glory of God!!!

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      1. A mother’s fervent praise messes with the enemies plans to destroy our children, but he is not going to win these battles, because we do have the Lion of the Tribe of Judah on our side as Champion. Amen!

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      2. Yyeeesssss!!!!!
        You are so right! Our sons have great callings on their life so the enemy will try to ruin their lives, try as he might, our God is the absolute power, the Great I Am, the Lion of Judah, and He will break the chains from our sons. Amen!!!!

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  3. Oh, Andi- WOW!! PRaise God from whom all blessings flow!!
    Thanks for the follow. Now that I’ve met you, I need to follow you, to keep in touch!
    How did it go at the conference where you spoke?
    And uh oh- I was told I had a polyp in my sinus. I guess I need to get that checked pronto!
    Thanks for the encouragement!

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