The Two Hidden Agendas in Your Life

ladies loving god by Tonika Breeden


There are always two agendas in operation in your life at any given time. Especially if you have the nerve to actually pursue and seek after your God-given purpose. Think not that it will be an easy ride.

The two agendas are: 1) God’s Agenda and 2) the devil’s Agenda (or resistance as some may call prefer to call it). Either way, both agendas utilize the exact same set of circumstances to accomplish two entirely different purposes that can have vastly different outcomes for your life.

Depending on your Belief System (also known as your BS, tongue in cheek – yes I said it), you can choose to operate from the belief that God is using your circumstances to test, develop, prepare and prosper you.

Or, if you have not taken the time to renew your mind (Belief System) according to the truth of the Word of God you…

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