To the single girl this holiday season: 

This Is Me, Rylee B.

I’m you.
Silently wishing I had someone to accompany me as I’m walking through the mall and watching couples hand in hand while they Christmas shop and look at wedding rings.

I’m you.

Driving past Christmas lights on my way home from work and dreaming of having someone to share in the beauty of the moment with.

I’m you.

Dodging questions from family members about “what happened to that boy you were dating?” Or “When do you think you’ll find that special one?”

I’m you.

This is such a magical time of year. I don’t know what it is, but this is such a wonderful season filled with joy and cheer.

But sometimes we can’t help but think about how it would be even more wonderful if we had someone to share in it’s joy with. If we had someone to kiss under a mistletoe. If we had someone surprise…

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  1. I try to not stress myself too much with heightened expectations for Christmas time. Finally what counts is the whole year too, respectively every moment is special. From that perspective we can relief some pressure from holiday season.

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    1. Agree!! I never expect a thing..only what He has promised me..and you’re absolutely right about that…the entire year..what I wait for really, is the new year..what it will bring. That is what excites me. Out with the old and in with the new. Each day counts, each day is special, we never know what is around each corner..that’s the exciting part!!

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