🔥Use Your Spirit Language🔥

Godhead Disciple Ministry

◾️Do you speak in tongues through GOD’s Holy Ghost? It is a gift from GOD, if you have received the baptism of fire, of His Holy Spirit, then you HAVE THE POWER to speak in tongues! Use your prayer language as often as possible, at least once a day, because that is direct communication from your spirit to GOD though His Holy Ghost. No angel in heaven nor fallen angel, no demon, not even satan can understand your spiritual tongue given to you by GOD. There are divers tongues which we can shift into as The Holy Spirit makes intercession for us, that the Holy angels on assignment to us can understand and respond to with GOD’s permission. What we speak through the spirit utters from our heart, where GOD lives within us, unto Him, The Almighty GOD: El Shaddai, The All Sufficient GOD: El Gibbor, the Great I AM…

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