Prompt Twenty-Two | Dealing With Your Worst Day EVER

Was this planned? This post???? I had a bad day yesterday. My flesh seemed to be winning.
I prayed and praised and worshipped like I do every morning (yesterday). Prayed again with my son also before he got off the car at school. The first few hours at work were great. After 1pm, it seemed to go downhill. I received a text that sort of ruined my afternoon. But I prayed and responded in a Godly way. I then later received a message from my son’s teacher explaining to me about his missed work. He’d been absent for these past 2 days, so I knew he had late work but my lovely son, didn’t get everything he needed to finish. So that was an uphill battle in itself. But at every turn, no matter what hit me, I said Jesus, help me right now. I also, turned to my bible and prayer intercessors for guidance and prayer. They helped me push through. That’s the great thing about God.. He will send you people to help you when you think the odds are stacked against you. He’s victorious and with Him, we are too!!!
Praise God!! To Him, all the glory!!!!



  1. Yup, Andi, we no doubt have our challenges and difficulties but or worst day as a believer is still better than our very best day as a non-believer! Through the thick and especially through the thin we now have a Friend who sticks closer than a brother.

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