A Well Ordered Spiritual Life

Musings Of A Blue Collar Christian


“Butrejectthose myths fit only for the godlessandgullible, andtrainyourselffor godliness.  For“physicalexercise  hassomevalue, butgodlinessis valuableinevery way. It holdspromisefor the presentlifeandfor the life to come.” (1 Timothy 4:7-8 NET Bible)  

Spiritual growth in the Christian life never comes through passivity. It involves persistent effort. Grace empowered effort. Some would call those that seek to have a daily routine or ordered spiritual life, legalistic. And we must be careful not to allow legalism into our devotional lives before God. But, if we are to escape the snares of mass market religion, and  distractions in our lives, we need a plan. “God is not the author of confusion” so taking steps to guard our hearts from the pressure of our daily lives is helpful.  A well…

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