Do not fear rejection

His hands and feet

What I believe the Lord spoke to me… (from the other days quiet time)

Know this- that because of Jesus, you are perfect in my sight, and anyone who rejects you, does not see you the way I see you. That includes your mother, your father, your brothers, your aunts, uncles, friends, and acquaintances. Everyone who rejects you is seeing you through mere human lenses. I cannot imagine why anyone would not love you. You are brilliant, you are filled with love, you are so passionate. Child, you bring me so much joy. Never believe the lie you are not good enough- you are my daughter and I love you. Remember that others Love does not always shadow mine. For my love is pure, good, and holy. Child-know that you are blessed, and my hand is on you. Now go forth and be my light.

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  1. I use to always look up for peoples approval. Like i’m not always good enough until they tell me otherwise. Now i thank God that has gone with the old me. I don’t need anyone to give me approval anymore. Because i’m convinced deep down in my soul that i’m perfect in Christ.

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