3 Indicators of Recovery Readiness

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People often wonder when the addicts in their life “really mean it” when they say they’re ready to change. All too often, addicts have a tendency to pull the proverbial rug out from under their loved ones through promises to change that are seldom kept. I do believe, however, that all people are capable of positive growth and that when someone is ready to really move forward in a healthy way, that person exhibits various thoughts/behaviors that do indicate that they “really mean it” when they say they’re changing. Three (3) of those thoughts/behaviors that I’ve observed in people who are growing towards health are: 1) A sense of gratitude for the “blessings” in life; 2) Genuine humility expressed through understanding that everyone has their own challenges and that no one is perfect; and, 3) And a deep and real sense of forgiveness, both of self and of others who…

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