Are parents to blame for their kid’s addiction?

This message by a fellow bloggers came right on time!

As both a parent and an Addiction Treatment provider, I totally understand how hard people blame their kids’ addiction on themselves.  When our kids go down unhealthy paths, it’s really easy to convince ourselves that it’s our fault and that we’ve failed as parents when our kids become addicted to drugs and alcohol.  But the truth is that every single person on the planet is responsible for themselves and, especially in America, we have choices, even if limited by circumstances, to choose the paths we follow.

The reality is that individual psychologies are layered and complex.  There’s so much about those psychologies that are formed by people, places, and genetics that there’s no way ANYONE is responsible for ANYONE else’s path.  Because each personality exists ONLY in a respective mind, no one can account for another’s mental constructs and perceptions.  That being said, I know…

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