The spirit of Addiction manifests and causes suffering

So very true

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What’s been the biggest surprise in working with and studying Addiction is the element of spirituality that’s so much a part of the whole process. I don’t mean “spirituality” from a religious perspective, but from a perspective of a “spirit” that manifests within those who are addicted to various substances. For example, I’ve written about heroin being the Devil’s Drug, but crystal meth is so destructive that it literally robs a person of their very flesh. The physical changes that encompass crystal meth, heroin, and alcohol addiction mirror the changes that occur in descriptions of demonic possession.

Within the span of an hour, I caught the last part of a movie called, “Deliver us from Evil” in which a murder suspect was being exorcised from a demonic spirit and a music video by Skid Row for a song called, “Wasted Time” about a kid who overdosed on heroin. Though the…

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