Month: April 2017

The Son of Nepal Audiobook- Chapter 2

The Sons of Thunder

It was the day it all began, when he took up another challenge to search for a cure for his beloved. His deep love for Ayushi burned ardently in his spirit. He couldn’t rest until this torment, this burning desire was quenched with the waters of fulfilment. He saw a vision of her sitting down and laughing with him, listening to his humorous adventures with Raman, Ketan, and Nanda. “Ayushi,” he said as the sorrow from missing such happiness burdened his heart.
“When—when will the Soburin lead me back home to you? It has been three long years already. I don’t know how much of this I can endure,” he said, adjusting himself to lay comfortably on a rock and tucking his hands under his head. He could see a group of bar-headed geese soaring around in tight circles upon the small gyres of wind. He knew what the gyrating…

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The Son of Nepal Audiobook- Chapter 1

The Sons of Thunder

High up in the Himalayas of Nepal, the whistling cries of the falcon proclaimed its dominion over the sky as it scanned the wilderness for food. The lands of Asia welcomed the heavens where the blend of delicate blues met the dapple greens of nature along the horizon. The coarse organic outlines of the great mountains, crowned with a diadem of sparkling white snow and a halo of clouds, were a symbol of benevolence from an almighty god.
The herds rested sound in the bosom of the hills not far from the winding serpent of crystal that crafted the afternoon river.
Charged with the protection of life, the vast moving islands of vapour shielded the eyes of the earth from the sun that demanded respect from those that gazed upon him.
There, high up in the Himalayas where the earth reached for the sky, was a free spirit. A wandering…

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The Son of Nepal Audiobook- Prologue

The Sons of Thunder

“State your case, Aliqxis!”
“Master, you promised that you will keep my people from harm. You promised me!”
“And have I not spared your people for the sake of that which was promised?”
“Wicked people have increased in the land, and Teki will have the case he needs to chasten the lands of Asia. The good will pay for the deeds of the unjust—unless something is done.”
“What is it that you are asking of me, Aliqxis?”
“Send one of the two sons that you promised to me and my people a thousand years ago. Send him that they may restore balance, or Teki will destroy my beloved people.”
“You have asked much of me.”
“Forgive me, my Master.”
“I have weighed the heart of a youngling in the lands to the south, one with your blood flowing through him. He will be the one, but he is not yet…

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A Word to the Ladies from EmJay

Good men, God-fearing men are very very important. We all heard “cut off the head”, right?!?! The enemy knows this so he makes it a point to destroy relationships between man and woman. Satan hates the man that knows not only to protect the woman from the dangers of the natural world but also from the more dangerous  supernatural world. These men are rare, the ones that lead families etc. in the ways of God. They’re on another level placed there by their continued submission to God. Promoted by God for His glory. So that woman must get on his level. Not the level he put himself on but the level God is placing him on. Samson was messing with females that weren’t on his level and it cost him his life and anointing. The woman can’t jump ship when the trials and tests hit the home. She shouldn’t tell the man to “curse God and die” like Job’s wife did, because she blames him for all the drama and pain in her life, yet he was blindsided by it all too. A woman that submits to God and a man of God will be honored by her husband. He will brag on her at the gates, lol. God created an order, a structure. Women say they want good men but for some reason they keep throwing their lures in the same wrong pond(club, bar etc). Murky water! God’s pond crystal clear but get your level up ladies by seeking Him and He just might grant you access to peaceful waters.

Bro. Marquis Johnson

Reflective journaling can help manage our emotional responses

The other night, during my version of an intervention, a young wife said to me, “I can’t leave him.  I want him to stop using, but i can’t just leave him.”

I didn’t give her words much thought before I said, “Maybe you can’t leave him, but you can change the space between your ears.”  Sure, it’s hard to both deal with an addicted loved one’s behavior, and it’s just as difficult to leave them struggling with the Addiction.  But, there is an option: Understand Addiction and Recovery and how you feel about it.

To me, it’s a no brainer; most of life is not about what happens, it’s more about how we perceive it.  I’ve seen enormous crises going on within a family on one day, and the very next day, that same family will be together and acting as though nothing ever happened.  The perceptions of the occurrence…

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Our Flesh ..a word by EmJay

It’s at war with us and it never ceases fire, it wants us to act out against anything in us that’s good and righteous. We blame God and Satan, but our flesh, carnal self is one heck of an enemy. We underestimate it often. A lot of things said and done has flesh written all over it. We must learn to tell our flesh to shut up. This is the battle against ourselves. Conquer it, we can with His guidance. Flesh is the bigger enemy. Satan comes in with our flesh to jump us. Well we have a Partner in our corner waiting for us to tag Him in so He can come in and clear them clowns out of the ring of our lives. Tag Him in, get to your corner, He’s waiting with stretched out arms, amen.

By: EmJay (Bro. Marquis Johnson

Still struggling

Daughters with Purpose

Can I just be absolutely transparent and honest? I’m still struggling!

People…..some people believe that once you give your life to Christ that you no longer sin. That there is an instant transformation. One of the reasons people call Christians hypocrites. I said one of the reasons, I know there are quite a few others, but for this post we’re just talking about this instant change that is supposed to take place. This miraculous change where you become perfect, lol. Yes, I’m being facetious.

Any Christian worth their weight will tell you it’s a daily struggle. The enemy has studied us. He knows what we like, he knows what will tempt us. Have you ever noticed that whenever you make a decision to do something or not to do something, distractions and temptations start coming out of the woodwork. Yea, you’ll know you’re on the right path when that happens…

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After becoming celibate

Daughters with Purpose

Do you know what it feels like to shed your old man? Do you know what freedom feels like?  It was prophesied to me maybe 4 years ago, that I would look in the mirror and not recognize myself. Guess what! It was true. When I began to embark on this journey, the old me began to fall away little by little. Strangely it started with my hair; I went natural. I’ve never been really big on make-up. Fashion was never my thing…my addiction is undergarments, I know, TMI. So the only thing the Lord could really work on was me. The real me. The me I pretended to be. The illusion I showed the world. And layer by thin, transparent, glutinous, painful layer He peeled me like an onion until my core was laid bare. Sometimes I even felt like I was being fried.

It was the best thing for me…

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