Our Flesh ..a word by EmJay

It’s at war with us and it never ceases fire, it wants us to act out against anything in us that’s good and righteous. We blame God and Satan, but our flesh, carnal self is one heck of an enemy. We underestimate it often. A lot of things said and done has flesh written all over it. We must learn to tell our flesh to shut up. This is the battle against ourselves. Conquer it, we can with His guidance. Flesh is the bigger enemy. Satan comes in with our flesh to jump us. Well we have a Partner in our corner waiting for us to tag Him in so He can come in and clear them clowns out of the ring of our lives. Tag Him in, get to your corner, He’s waiting with stretched out arms, amen.

By: EmJay (Bro. Marquis Johnson


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