Reflective journaling can help manage our emotional responses

The other night, during my version of an intervention, a young wife said to me, “I can’t leave him.  I want him to stop using, but i can’t just leave him.”

I didn’t give her words much thought before I said, “Maybe you can’t leave him, but you can change the space between your ears.”  Sure, it’s hard to both deal with an addicted loved one’s behavior, and it’s just as difficult to leave them struggling with the Addiction.  But, there is an option: Understand Addiction and Recovery and how you feel about it.

To me, it’s a no brainer; most of life is not about what happens, it’s more about how we perceive it.  I’ve seen enormous crises going on within a family on one day, and the very next day, that same family will be together and acting as though nothing ever happened.  The perceptions of the occurrence…

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