3 things an opiate addict can do that might help her kick


A while back, I got a call from a mentor with a GED program about a client of hers who needed help. The client was a seventeen (17) – year-old girl who’s addicted to Oxycodone. Anytime I get these types of calls, I can’t help but need a deep breath; opiates are a common enemy of mine and when the person they’re impacting is still a minor, I can’t help but lose a bit of neutrality. It’s sad to me that someone so young needs help to overcome an addiction to an opiate. Recovery is hard work and when the person who enters recovery is still trying to herself out, it makes the work all that much harder.

The good news, though, is that she recognizes, for whatever reason, that she needs help to kick. To me, it’s a strong indication that the person wants to get clean; if she…

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