God, the Perfect Father: by EmJay

Father’s Day isn’t like other days. There’s mixed emotions, seriously. Some hate the day. I’m sure there are people that may feel the same about Mother’s Day, but for some reason it seems to me that there are more people not being quiet about their dislike of Fathers Day. The dislike for today rings louder, people aren’t being shy about saying they “hate Father’s Day”. It’s to the point that some single mothers seem to make it a priority to throw mega shade on Father’s Day because of their broken relationship with their children/s dad. This has been the devil’s tactics since the beginning. To destroy families any way possible. Unfortunately some men let him come into their gardens and wreak havoc. The pride of us men will make us think we can fight the devil and win. Newsflash, fellas we can’t beat Satan without Jesus, period!!! Our pride has been destroying our families and other relationships for far too long. Satan is the only victor when we fight evil without God. The woman suffers, the son and the daughter suffers. It’s a nasty cycle Satan puts some of us on. Then the women hate us and then the kids hate us because mom hates us, then the boys are raised by women and act feminine and may fall prey to that lifestyle. Oh and baby girl start looking for a father figure in the wrong places. Now she on the track or a pole or both, being managed by a person that fell prey to the devil’s tactics too. Sometimes God takes away fathers to protect us though. Truth be told, God knows our futures, amen. The lil girl that’s grown now that wish she had an earthly father could have been saved by God from the raping hands of her own blood father, hmm? God knew it so He removed him out of her life to protect her from that hurt. God knows what He’s doing, amen. God is the Pops of Pops. He can without a doubt replace any broken relationship we have. God can never be a deadbeat. God can help men repair their strained relationships with their kids. A righteous earthly father is a blessing to have no doubt but all the righteous men in the world love will never compare to God’s love for us. Let your hate and bitterness toward your dad go, ask God to fill that void. It’s not too late and you’re not too old. Dads that haven’t been good dads, ask Him to show you how. Yes you missed ball games and recitals, but don’t let Satan keep feeding you garbage. God will meet us right where we are. You can start by humbling yourself, look in the mirror and say “God fix me”. Be brave. Don’t say you’re a man but you maneuver like a coward!!! God will be your strength!!! God is Father to the fatherless and fathered. We all have had a dad even if we couldn’t see Him. He’s right with you, amen.

Bro. Marquis Johnson


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