B.C. Life by EmJay

I’ve lived club life, bar life etc. Nothing came of it but temporary pleasures. Nothing consistent, no joy, no peace, no love etc came from my B.C. ways except a son. I came out of her because I wanted more. At some point we have to stop lying to ourselves about happiness, loving ourselves etc. We tell ourselves what we want to hear and we hope the mask doesn’t fall off. If we don’t have a personal relationship with God then we’re spinning tires. God gives us a solid foundation. Say the tough prayer, “God show me who I truly am, remove harmful people out of my life no matter who it is, change me, I don’t want to live these lies and distractions, take me off this unrighteous hamster wheel, show me real consistent peace and happiness, what did You make me for, I’m tired Lord, I know this can’t be all there is to life, show me more, I know there’s more, I feel it but I don’t know how to give up these unrighteous lifestyles I’m living right now, help me God…” 🎯🎯🎯

Bro. Marquis Johnson


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