Love Your Enemies


Since I last wrote, I’ve had many revelations with my family’s  and son’s situations. Through this pain and through this storm I have found that no matter what is thrown at me, He will always be at the forefront battling for me and there is no need for me to come against someone physically. I will tell you that through these storms and trials I asked God and pretty much pleaded with Him to reveal to me or simply help me in this matter. On a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I was a mess emotionally and there was a women’s breakfast with Sis Flo Shaw, that I was not supposed to attend because I couldn’t afford it. But well, God sent my lil big bro Carlos to the rescue and he gave me the money to go. He said if he didn’t obey and I was supposed to be there, he didn’t want to get in trouble with the Lord. I will tell you that whatever had been holding me prisoner those 5 days prior, was completely ripped from me. I literally felt it being ripped from my chest. It was funny because my flesh kept looking for that feeling of fear, condemnation, guilt, confusion, anxiety, but they were nowhere to be found. I can tell you that since that morning until this very moment, I have found true peace in all of this. I hold on to His promises to me. I hold on to the fact that He knows what is best and He knows what He is doing in our lives, things that we will never understand. It was also revealed to me that no matter what I do or think, vengeance is never mine, but His. I learned that  as long as I keep thinking that my enemies are horrible people, they will stay exactly that, horrible people BUT, when I choose to see them how He sees them, I can truly let go and let Him. I won’t make myself or my family be prisoners of my/our enemies. As much as all these storms have caused us all pain and suffering, I gladly embrace every single storm/lesson that He wishes me to go through and learn from because He is the only one who knows why.
I don’t know why I am sharing this with you today. I just felt led to.
Have a happy and safe 4th of July!
God bless you all!!


  1. I am so glad you listen to your “leading to share.” This was for me. We have been going through our own storms for the past seven years. We have lately become impatient waiting on the Lord to lead us to what He has showed me. I needed this encouragement today. Thank you Andi

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    1. You’re welcome. Remember to trust His will..never our own. It’s hard I know..but there’s a reason He’s making you wait. Whatever it is you’re going through, either you’re not ready or something else has to happen..hold on did, He’s right there with you.


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