Month: August 2017

A Word on Obedience by EmJay

What’s worse is when they want you to help them sin or do something unrighteous, smh. God tells us not to interfere when He’s putting someone through His process. It hurts that I can’t help you but it hurts more when I disobey Him, so I won’t. If someone knows you’re a person of faith and they throw scriptures at you about being a “Christian” and helping them. Remind them that being obedient to Him and keeping His commandments and surrendering to His will supersedes helping people. Remind them of David, Job, Paul, Peter, Jacob etc. suffering through His process. If they still pout and whine and accuse you of being a fake Christian, God just exposed them to you. They just want to use you and God for their own selfish desires.

Bro. Marquis Johnson 


That Old Friend

The day was good, the afternoon, better and the evening a bit slow but throughout the day I had been praising the Lord for His goodness. Going through the day, everyday, thanking my Father for what He’s done in my life and the lives of my children. Sometimes I don’t understand His ways, but His thoughts are not my thoughts, so who am I to question. I forge on and brace myself for impacts, any impact the enemy may throw my way, because he will you know, he will try to all day long..all night long. Just accuse you and remind you of what you were like before and how you were this, that, or the other. A conversation once went something like this with this old friend of mine. That old friend came and sat next to me and asked me if I remembered the time I had hurt someone physically without any remorse and who did I now think I was? Did I not remember the times I chose to party instead of paying attention to my children and now I spend time with my youngest, and who did I think I was? What about the time that I was so full of hate, I beat up my own sister, and who did I think I was? Finally, who was I this old friend asked me. Who did I think I was and where had I come from thinking that I could just forget about all those things? I sat there and thought about all those things this old friend asked me. I sat there and thought long and hard. Hmm.. who did I think I was? I was pondering the question. I turned and looked at this old friend and said, who do I think I am you ask? Yes, I am that person who physically hurt someone and felt no remorse, I am that mother who chose partying over my children at times, I am that sister who beat her sister, so in short old friend, I am that which you created from hate, anger, lies, unforgiveness, guilt, depression, pride, and fear…and then that old friend interrupted with laughter and said I knew it, you are still that person…so I interrupted and said excuse me old friend, let me finish….BUT GOD!…my old friend’s face was staring back at me in shock and anger and said NO! I continued, yes I am that which you created out of all those ugly things, those things which you held me prisoner with, those things in which you thought you were building up a leader for your purpose, BUT GOD, yes God reached down and pulled me from all that ugliness. And now you sit here and ask me who do I think I am? I could answer you but it would take days, so I will keep it short for you, since you are no longer of any importance to me, I am the fiercest warrior that you once bestowed your ugliness upon. I am a child of God, I am a warrior, I am that one that my Father shown His perfect love, grace, and mercy upon. That warrior you thought you were creating for your use, exists no more, for I am a warrior of God, I am a daughter of the One True King. The way I used to fight, hate, and show rage toward others, I will now use toward you. I will fight you, hate you, and show you the giant that was awakened by my Father’s love. Should you be afraid? Yes, you very well should be. I will stand against you and everything you stand for, I will tear it down. You wanted to pick a fight? You should think back and remember, I don’t back down especially since my Father stands for me and showed me to stand firm and hold my ground just as my Father told me. His promises are true and He doesn’t lie. So old friend, I will no longer give you the time of day to accuse me of what once was. No, I rebuke you and send you back from whence you came, IN JESUS NAME! 

Open Door

I have the enemy standing on one side of the doorway saying, “There’s nothing good behind that door”. I have family and friends on the other side of the doorway asking me, “What if you don’t like what’s on the other side”? But as long as God has it open for me, I’m walking through it head held high.
Jeremiah 29.11-13
Bro. Marquis Johnson 

He Powers Our Love

It’s His love that’s always powered my love. He’s let me know the more I accept His love, the stronger my love will be for others. I used to run from this feeling because my past culture frowned upon being lovable etc. I now know why I did or didn’t do certain things. He tapped my shoulder early in life but I ran. Now I embrace that I’m designed for love, to love and so should you. It’s love and the devil knows it so he gives us fear. Choose love to defeat EVERYTHING!!! #Jesustype

Bro. Marquis Johnson