Month: December 2017

A New Year Word from EmJay

What are we going to do different in 2018? Are we going to be more radical for His glory? Are we going to walk it or continue to talk it? Will we just go to that particular church because the pastor is kinda popular and the worship team is entertaining? Will we yearn to feel His presence? Will we be more obedient? Are we going to keep His law? Will we lead people to Him? Will we seek His face and not just His hand? Are we going to be fearless? Will we leave depression behind? Are we going to plug into Him through prayer and fasting? Will we give no room to our flesh? Will we give no room to the enemy? Are we going to become more intimate with Him? Will we seek His approval and not people’s? Are we going to leave the low self-esteem behind us? Will we become more teachable? Will we give no room to pride? Will we give no room to lust? Are we going to decrease so He can increase? Will we love our neighbors? Are we going to forgive?

Are we going to embrace humility? Are we going to repair broken relationships within our family? Will we be good stewards with the money He gives us? Are we going to tear down the defensive walls we put up? Will we love again? Are we going to allow ourselves to be loved? Are we going to accept that our identity is found in Him? Will we apply the Word to our lives? Are we going to let Him order our steps?  Will we be selfless? Are we going to die daily? Will we raise our holiness standards? Are we going to leave worry behind us? Are we going to let Him harden us to difficulties? Will we make ourselves available? Are we going to get our joy from Him? Will we ask Him for His strength? Will we embrace the purpose He has for us? Are we going to stay under His authority? Will we surrender our will to His will? Are we going to let Him in? Are we going to get out of His way?

Questions we should think about or nah?

Bro. Marquis Johnson


God’s Gifts 🎁

This is a poem/testimony that I read at church about the gifts that Jesus has given me. Merry Christmas!!

So I was asked what are the gifts Jesus has given to you?

I thought, that can’t mean just one thing or even two.

I thought of what to say or write, should I speak of His will Or His awesome might.

I thought, what are the gifts that Jesus has given to me?

I thought of my children, my most prized, my very own three.

Geena, my eldest, oh He’s waiting patiently on her, I won’t give up praying, I know she feels His presence, for He is the Great Whisperer.

My second, my first born son, the Lord saved him from sure death, both physically and spiritually, as much as I asked for people to pray, I myself prayed

So much, it all but left me out of breath.

My baby boy Anjel, who is truly his namesake, I always knew he was given to me for a reason,

For only God knew what was to come in our lives, at this time, this very season.

My grandbaby Aubree, who reminds me so much of her dad, my son

Oh you guessed it, my heart she’s surely won.

Let’s not forget all of u in this church, when I was seeking a home, I’m grateful to each one of you

For not leaving me alone.

He gave me back time that was stolen from me,

By that evil one, that enemy

He gave me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to accept. He wiped away all the old which I’d just as soon like to forget.

So I guess what I’m saying is that all the gifts that Jesus gave me, even you,

Cannot be contained in any box, or measured, or even timed with any clocks.