Obedience to Him

Remember a few days back I was struggling with tithing this week? Well, as my Lil big bro Carlos and I say, God got jokes. He sure does. Today’s sermon was all about obedience. A few shared their testimonies about obeying Him and the result of it. I know also, because I’ve obeyed Him and He’s blessed me too. I’m most certain that today He was simply confirming to me that I should continue to listen and obey as I have been. Only He knows what our blessings will be that He gives us but I believe that the blessing comes immediately when we obey His will. You know that saying, it pays for itself. That’s exactly what I believe happens when we obey Him. I just wanted to share how I chuckled this morning at church and sat back and listened while He said, “watch, listen, and learn Andi”. I love my Father, He’s forever faithful. amen? AMEN!!

With My Eyes Wide Open Book Review


With My Eyes Wide Open is about the author, Brian “Head” Welch, who is one of  the founders of the nu-metal group Korn. He tells of his life after he decided to leave the group Korn to raise his daughter full time. His struggles after he came to Christ, but shows and displays his faith throughout the book. Especially through his struggles.

I really enjoyed this book. I read it in 2 days. I could completely identify with Brian and his struggles with raising his daughter alone. The story is told in the first person and in almost a journal written style. He shares his every thought, good and bad. This book was, for me, exceptional. It made me smile, laugh, and cry. I could really feel his pain that he felt. I could also feel his joy when he spoke of the Holy Spirit. I know he’s had a lot of criticism because of where he came from (Korn), what he did, and how he looks. As you can see on the book cover, he’s not your average looking Joe. But this is why I loved this book, he shows you how Jesus loves you no matter what you have done, where you have been, and most of all no matter what you look like. He has a mission for Brian and I will be praying for him the whole way!

I recommend this book if you want to see and read about God’s saving grace, if you want to jump out of your seat and cheer, sit back and think about your own redemption, or simply want to know Brian and his struggles. I highly recommend this book. Two thumbs up!!!!


I was sent this complimentary copy of the book from BookLook Bloggers for an honest review.


The Fathers in My Life


I had a biological father, of course, we all do. He gave me life, but after my mom passed when I was 6, I went on to live with my sisters instead. I am the baby of a family of 13. Yup, I’m lucky #13. We lived in the same town, but I rarely saw him until he came to live with us for a short time. I don’t recall if he moved out first or I left to live out of state with another sister when I was 9. After that, there was little to no contact. I knew I had a dad, but we didn’t have that father daughter relationship that most do. I didn’t really connect with my dad until I was 18. It was then that I learned from him that education was very important. See, he had barely gotten through to the 6th grade. He had lived through the Great Depression, so he knew what it was to live without. He also made it clear to me, that nothing is given to us, that as long as we had 2 hands and 2 feet, we could work for ours. We had bonded over books. We shared the love of reading. Something I was proud of. We’d trade books and I’d stop with the kids when we’d drive by his apartment. I can still see him now, sitting at his table reading the newspaper or doing a crossword puzzle. We shared some good times, good laughs, and he was a great storyteller. I loved his stories of when they were migrant workers, he , my mom, and my older siblings. That’s how I remember him. My 2 oldest got to know him, however, they were young when we eventually moved away. They’d still see him during summer vacations but our bond or connection was never fully formed, or so that’s how I see things. He passed in 2012. At that time I hadn’t come to know God, as I do now, so I assumed he had gone to heaven. It saddens me now to know that my dad was not saved. I really never heard him speak of God. Not once.

My spiritual father, Luis Vergara, my pastor at Desatar Ministry is a man of great faith. The first time I heard him preach, I was in awe of how he delivered the Word. I hadn’t heard it delivered that way, EVER! With such passion, faith, belief, and most of all love for us all sitting in the church. Even for those who’d never entered the church, he shared his love for God with us all. Today, is Father’s Day and we honored him at church, but before we did that, he, along with us all, honored OUR FATHER. He did it, of course, with passion. Pastor Luis is ON FIRE FOR OUR FATHER!!! We all worshipped and praised together. What made his sermon a bit more special, was that he took out the time to pray for us mothers, who play dual roles in our children’s lives. No, I don’t want to take away any love from father’s on their day. I just mean to say, it was special and nice for him to pray for us, that those lost father’s will soon return to love and teach their children. He went on to say, “and to those father’s who had a bad start with their children, the Lord says, it’s not over until you’re finished.” Our Father works on us everyday, every minute, so it should be the same for earthly fathers. That right there was awesome!!! I love to see a man with their sons and daughters teaching them, showing them, letting them know everything will be ok. That warms my heart. My youngest, Anjel, was with me at church today and when Pastor prayed over us mother’s too, he leaned in and gave me a kiss and grabbed my hand and said, “God’s going to bless you mom, so don’t worry.” I squeezed his hand and yes, held back my tears. I believe my Father gave him that message for me.

So today I honored the three Fathers in my life who taught me, love me, guide me, and lead the way. Happy Father’s Day!

A Story of His Goodness (part of SW series)



Last week my friend Ana came to work with a story about her son. I have to tell you a bit about her son so you can fully understand. Angel is a heroin addict, he has been for awhile now. He’s tried several rehab’s and each time he starts out ok and then either doesn’t finish or he finishes and goes right back to what he was doing before he went into rehab. So back to last week, she came to work and said, “Nena, (girl in spanish) let me tell you the drama from this weekend.” My heart drops when she starts out that way because I know it is something hurtful towards her. She continues on and says, “Lito (Angel) went nuts on Saturday! He was fine from Thursday and Friday and all hell broke loose on Saturday.” I said, “well what happened?” She continues on to say that he was calling her out of her name and being really disrespectful and then punched her on the back of her shoulder as she was turning away from him. I gasped and said, “No!” You could see the hurt in her eyes as she shared this with me. She grabbed what was closest to her, which was a bat, and hit him with it, on his knee. He took off and that was that. This was last weekend. On the Friday before he blew up, she said that he kept telling her he was seeing something and asked her, “Don’t you see him mom?” Ana didn’t. However, she did hear a distinct whistle. No one was home but herself and him. He told her, whatever it was, he said that it was beckoning to him, waving his finger at him to come. My friend didn’t see anything so she thought oh he’s hallucinating. You and I both know what that was. Then Saturday, he went berserk. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. Days passed and she hadn’t heard from him. She was hurt by the weekends events and didn’t want to hear from him.

Sunday, yesterday, she was watching TV, when she flipped channels and started watching a televised sermon. She can’t remember the name of it exactly but she said it was something to the effect of Living Way, The Living Way, something like that. The sermon was on temptations. She said she usually doesn’t watch these but something grabbed her attention by it and she kept watching. It was explaining to her exactly what was happening to her son and why. She said she instantly got the “willies”, chills, goosebumps, etc. You get the picture. She said as the sermon ended her phone rang. She saw it was her son calling her. She didn’t want to answer but did. It was Angel and he said, “Mom? I just want to tell you I’m sorry, that wasn’t me. I’m so sorry.” I could see the emotion in her eyes when she told me. I’ve been where she’s at when your son does something so hurtful to you that it hurts you to not want to hear from them but you know it’s the best thing at the time. She said he went on to tell her that he had left the city and had gone out of state because he knows that he can’t get better here, he had to get away so he could do that. He said he didn’t want to be this way anymore. He had met someone the last time he had gone to a rehab in that state and he had stayed in touch with him. He contacted this friend for help. The young man spoke to my friend and told her that he would help Angel as much as he could, he couldn’t promise anything but for her to know that he was ok for now and had food and shelter and for her to not worry. You could see the relief in her face when she told me this. I was overjoyed because I see the weight she carries around with her when things are not so good with him.

Now, to know my friend Ana, she is a believer but does not attend church regularly. To hear these words come out of her mouth was awesome…”Mira que tan grande Dios es!” in english, that is, “Look how big God is!”

Let’s go back to yesterday. Had she not watched or heard the sermon that was being delivered on tv, she would have never heard God speaking to her. She would have never known what exactly the phone call from her son meant at that moment. It is our job as servants of Christ to share His word with whomever and wherever. Yes, some may be offended, even hate you for it but remember in Matthew 10:22,  And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved. We have to remain focused. Someone like my friend Ana, who is living with hurt and feels lost or alone because of the devil and his lies, may be listening and will see exactly, JUST HOW GREAT GOD IS! Like I said, she believes, she just needs a little push here and there. I believe God came through yesterday for both her and her son. It brought joy to my heart to know that He heard her cries for her son.

So next time you feel that something is beyond help or repair, know that’s the devil talking to you. My God is great and can do all things! Everything we think is impossible He makes possible! As my friend Ana said, “Mira que tan grande es Dios!” (Look how big God is!)


They do exist….(part of Spiritual Warfare series)


A fellow blogger from  A Spiritual Warfare Devotional Blog, encouraged me to write yet another experience I had with, well, demons. Some of you may not believe, but I will say yet again, they are real, very real. So here it goes…

I was baptized in August of 2015, August 16th, to be exact. Best Sunday of my life! After I was baptized I had  a few experiences, even before then, but it was after I was baptized that I sensed more of the spiritual realm, or it became more real for me. One evening, it was about 5pm on a Thursday  or Friday, I was cleaning, doing my chores for the weekend so I didn’t have to be running around doing it all weekend long. I had been playing my music from Pandora, I had on some spanish worship music and singing along while cleaning. I was really into it, because some songs made me get emotional. I kept cleaning. Then the music would stop mid song. I’d check my phone and see that it had just stopped, so I’d push play and it would restart the song or skip to the next song. This happened quite a few times and I’m like what the heck. I checked and rechecked my internet router to make sure it worked. Everything was fine. As I was knelt down checking it, that’s when I felt I was not alone. I was the only one home at the time. My son was at football practice. So I prayed and continued with my chores. I just stopped playing the music altogether because it was taking up more time for me to check and recheck it because of it stopping. (In hindsight, they didn’t like what I was playing)  I had the feeling of anxiety. I don’t know if any or a few of you have ever been in a physical altercation with someone, but I got the feeling of someone about to invade my personal space. I trained in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and boxing, so I knew when it would be hand to hand combat you’d get an adrenaline rush. Well that’s the best I can describe it. I had the feeling someone was about to pounce on me. I had to keep checking behind my back. I was very uneasy. It was light out yet, but my house seemed darker than usual. I prayed some more. It wouldn’t back down. I said aloud, “You need to get out of my house, I belong to my Father God, you are no one, in Jesus name I command you to leave!” That made me feel better, my anxiety subsided just a bit. It was almost time for my son to get home from practice, so I jumped in the shower quick and as I was washing my hair, I felt that feeling of not being alone, I poked my head out of the shower and nothing. I had left the bathroom door open and through the curtain, I could see the sunlight coming in through the dining room windows which was across the hall. I continue to shower and I don’t know why I looked but I saw, through the curtain, a hunched over figure walk right in front the windows. Mind you, I live on the 2nd floor. There’s no way, it was someone from outside. I jerked that curtain open so fast, but there was nothing there. But that feeling of anxiety was back and the air seemed thicker. I quickly began to pray and shouted, “I COMMAND YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS, TO GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!” I messaged my lil big bro Carlos and told him what was happening. He’s a real prayer warrior, intercessor. He prayed and I prayed as well from home. I felt much better, just in time for when my son came home. Needless to say, I was worried to go to sleep, but then thought, NO! My God’s got me. I went to sleep and was ok, for the time being………



Side Note to Spiritual Warfare series


I found myself wondering about certain things that I did not add in the Spiritual Warfare series. Certain dreams and feelings that I had. So it’s only right to share a few.

On August 16, 2015 I was baptized in a full immersion baptism, born again. My lil big bro Carlos said to me before I went back, “I’ll see you on the other side.” I didn’t fully understand what he meant. I just smiled and said, “Ok”. It was a great feeling afterward, I can not explain. I was glowing, or I felt like it. Carlos told me to pray. I did of course, but nothing like I do now. That night I had the first of my VERY VIVID dreams.

I was being sought after by a group of rabid dogs/wolves, they were huge. I was in a house with my older sisters, I have 8 of them. I was scared and worried about these creatures getting in. They would try to turn the knobs of the doors and tried to get in through a doggy door that was at the back door. My sisters were oblivious to them trying to get in. I realized, in my dream, that only I could see them. They were happy, making popcorn, laughing, talking, etc. Things we did when I was younger. I kept running around the house trying to prevent them from coming in. They were deliberately taunting me. They knew how and what they were doing. As I stood in front of the door to keep them from turning the knob, I heard in my mind, “You can’t get away from me.” I awoke with a start and I could smell that odor of wet dog. I don’t have pets and it wasn’t raining or anything like that. I shared with Carlos what I had experienced and he said that he knew this would happen to me. He said you were good at being bad and now that you left that behind, he’s going to be hot on your tail, so you must be in prayer and always have your armor prayed on. I was like huh? what????? He said most people think when coming to God that life is easy. He says, don’t get me wrong, things get easier, but if you were good at being bad, like we were, the enemy will attack you because he almost destroyed your life and now you are fighting for it back by seeking God. AAAAAHHHHAAA! Now I got it. This happened quite a few times afterward. I don’t know how else to explain that conversation, but that’s the gist of it. And this is what Carlos meant when he said, “I’ll see you on the other side.” Or that’s what I believe.

The next dream has to do with my recent visit to Colorado. This one was back in September/October. I had dreamt one night of myself coming out of a glass door onto a concrete patio, with tall grass, almost wild grass, rocks/stones around the patio and tall trees. I could smell the air. So fresh, I could smell the dirt and feel the sun on me. When I arrived to Colorado a few weeks ago, my son was outside and everyone kept to what they were doing so he wouldn’t suspect I was there. As I opened the door, the hairs on my arms stood up, as I walked out into the EXACT SAME THING I SAW IN MY DREAM! The dream rushed back with the quickness. I mean fast. This is my brother who lives here and a recently purchased home. I’d not visited with him since 2012, I’d not been to his home though in longer than that. He had only recently moved there and I didn’t know it. After I embraced my son, I turned around and really took it in. Had God shown me this then as a way to prepare me, or for me to know when I saw that, that it was He who sent me there?

What does one have to do with the other? The devil will use your loved ones to get to you. Use people you love, just because he’s that sick and perverse. He’s used my son, a few of my sisters already, and others that I know as well. The other one, He knew I was going to visit Colorado before I did. I believe He wanted me to know, wanted it confirmed that it was He, no one else. I believe He wanted to let me know, He’s with me, fighting for me, when I cannot. He’s walking with me, protecting me from the schemes of the devil.

Again, take it as you wish. Believe me or not. They both exist. Theses things are real.


Spiritual Warfare pt. 5


This is my final entry for this series of posts. I hope everyone who has read it has taken something from it. If you wish to leave me a comment or email me for comments or questions, please feel free to do so. I’ve told you what happened with me a few months back, then my son, and now I will finish with telling you about my best friend, it all ties in together. So here it goes…

My best friend since I was 15 lives in the same town that my family does, my kids call her Aunt Melissa. It was her house that my daughter was at and that my son showed up at on that early morning. That night during the talk I was having with my sister in law. She texted me and said that she was going to be stopping by to say hi. She’d been home all day, in bed. Usually when I arrive in town, it’s a big event. Not this time. When I saw her, it wasn’t her that I was looking at. She looked unlike herself. I’ve been knowing something was wrong, spiritually , she’d tell me of her problems she’d been having, but this was much worse than she had told me. I was saddened to see her look so defeated. That is so unlike her. The following day she picked us up to go to her house and visit. We started to make supper together and I said, it’s now or never. I just came out and asked her, “So what’s the problem? I know something is not right and I need you to tell me because this isn’t you. I know you and this person is not you”. She said that she knew and that she didn’t want me to judge her because what she was about to tell me she was so ashamed of. I told her, “Tell me! This is what the enemy wants. He wants to alienate you and make you feel shame and embarrassment.” I said “don’t let him win.” She opened up to me and what she told me were things that I instantly knew were tricks of the devil, perverse things that only he could come up with. I won’t divulge our conversation because she confided in me. She did say beforehand, “Please don’t judge me”. I said, “I’d never do that.” I also told her that this was not her, it was them, the enemy and his demons of sickness, perversion, depression, etc. I let her know that he wants her to feel bad, and holding in these things she experienced gave him control over her. I said tell me and release that grip he has on you. I let her know that God was almighty, all powerful, and was there for her to take refuge in. I said that he wanted to make her feel ugly and worthless so that she’d think that God wouldn’t forgive her or be there for her. I said, “Don’t believe that liar!”
I, then told her the rest of the story about my son. She said, “Andi, that kid, he doesn’t care who knows it, he worships the devil.” She went on to say that this kid would also hang with her son and she had told her son to stop hanging with him. She said that she noticed when he would be around him that her son was a completely different person. She said that one time when she got home from work, that her son was in the garage and when she went out to check on him, that kid was there. Her husband arrived at that moment and he told the kid to get the hell out of their house because that when he was around, it was as if the devil himself was in their house. He said all that without him knowing what that kid did. For him to say that, was a bit of a confirmation. She went on and said that she noticed that when he had been around, she would get extremely ill. Mind you, my best friend is a breast cancer survivor of 8 years. A double mastectomy and countless surgeries. So she knows what it feels like to be ill, near death. She said this other feeling she had, she could tell was different. I told her that she was under spiritual attack and she needed to get help. Like I said, she’s afraid of what people will say, but I told her she needed to tell her pastor and have him come and pray for her and with her. I believe it’s more than an attack now, I believe that she’s oppressed. She then told me that for awhile she was mad at me and even felt hatred toward me. She said she didn’t understand why she had that feeling. She said she told her mom that I had found God. I said no, I reached for Him and He came to me, because He is always with us. I felt sadness when she told me that. But I knew something was wrong from over 1000 miles away because I know her and this person she has become is not her. I have asked God to cover her in protection but I don’t know if that’s enough. I want to help her and just make things all better but how do I do this? I pray and ask Him to heal her and protect her but she has to reach to Him too.
I truly believe that I was sent by the Holy Spirit to be there to help her and testify to her the truth. Who God is and what He can do and also who Satan thinks he is and what he thinks he can do. My God is the almighty, powerful, loving, blessed Father that we have. Forever faithful, we must always look to Him for everything. He loves us that much. I also believe that I was shown what I asked to be revealed to me by the Holy Spirit. I truly believed that the dreams and visions I’d had were messages of what was to come. I just didn’t know it at the time. I often think to the night/morning that all happened with my son and that morning at church, how my Pastor had the message for me from Him. I’d told no one of what had just happened hours before. Only God was with me and knew and He confirmed for me that morning through Pastor Luis that He most certainly was with my son, my daughter, my best friend, and me. If you take anything from this story I’ve shared here, take this, HE IS ALWAYS WITH US! He loves us unconditionally, through our pain, our doubt, our anger, our hurts, our confusion, EVERYTHING. Let go and trust Him. He will carry you through your darkness and will reach into the depths of hell and grab you and loose you from the devil’s grip if you cry out to Him and repent. Again, this is all true, it really happened.
God bless you all!


Spiritual Warfare pt. 4


We’re on the 4th part. I’m writing in pieces because it’s too much to take in all at once, or I feel it is. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone. This next piece may seem “out of my mind” type stuff, but again, I reiterate, it’s all true. Here we go….

If you believe me or not, that’s entirely up to you. The spiritual realm does exist. Spiritual warfare is real. Whether you believe it or not. This is only half way through, I’m not even close to being done. So hold on, because there is more to this story.
Needless to say, my son stuck to his story. Never wavered, never changed a word. Usually when people have a traumatic event happen to them, they remember it has if they had taken a picture and they are describing what’s in the pic. The week that followed he was still very much afraid. He became sick. Thank God my sister in law had a friend who was a nurse, but no longer practiced. She went over and checked him over and said he was dehydrated but very much in his right mind. One thing not many people know about him is that when he was a child he had been diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD. He had witnessed his father try to kill me when he was just 5 years old. Later on he was diagnosed with bipolar 2. He managed it with medication. It had been more than a year since he had taken his medication but he was doing ok without it. The nurse thought best he get back on to stabilize him. He still talks about it to his sister once in awhile she says. He trusts her a lot because he knows she won’t think he’s a nut case. I don’t think he is either. I believe every single word.
I arrived in Colorado a week after the incident. On May 8th, Mother’s Day. He was so surprised. Everyone knew but him. That night, my sister in law Tara and I had a good conversation about all that had happened since he started to live with them.
One time a few months back my son called me and said he was with a friend of his and it was broad daylight and that he’d seen a shadow mass outside of the pick up truck, just standing there watching them. His friend saw it too. She reminded me of that time and she went on to say that the friend he was with was a known atheist. He actually worshipped the devil and didn’t care if people knew it. I looked at her like what??? She went on to say that my son had stopped hanging out with him for awhile but I guess when he moved out of their house, he started up again and a nephew of ours told her that my son had been dabbling in what that friend did. She went on to say that the night of the incident she found out that that friend had stopped by the house where my son was staying. He had apparently asked the guy whose house it was if he could buy him some beer. The beer exchange happened and he was on his way. I have a feeling or something tells me he left something behind. Whatever it was that came out of the closet.

I’m going to add in this side note. Remember the dream I had right before I got the phone call that night? The one I had of 2 boys searching for something? They found a little red statue of a devil? When I sat there and heard what my sister in law was telling me, I got an overwhelming feeling, a nudge, well more than a nudge, almost as if someone punched my gut. I know the Holy Spirit is not violent, but I know when He’s with me, when I get that nudge right in the pit of my stomach. It was as if He was saying, I showed you that because you asked for revelation of what your son was doing. It was also a confirmation that He was there with my son. Confirming to me also that He is with us in our darkest moments. My sister in law told me that my son didn’t want to admit to her anything. If he dabbled out of curiosity, I don’t know. Only he does and He does. The dream told me that he had. I know that my son believes in God. It did hurt me to know about this whole other incident I didn’t know about. No one, not one of us, is perfect. Lord knows I am the last person who could judge anyone for mistakes they make. I’ve only come to accept God as my Lord and Savior just a year ago and born again in August of 2015. What I do know is that He sent my daughter there, He took me there because He knew I was ready to take this on. He knew I, as well as my 10 year old son Anjel were ready to minister to him and he would listen. A few posts back, Out of the mouths of babes, my son Anjel said a powerful prayer for his brother and said….’and devil you think that my brother is alone, he is not, he has me and my mom and most of all Jesus who beat you and spit you out like the nobody that you are! So get out and stay out!’ I didn’t share with Anjel what all had happened with his brother, he knew though, that something was not right. As we were on our way there, he leaned over and said, “The devil done messed with the wrong mom didn’t he?” I turned to look at him and said, “DEFINITELY!” He leans back and says, “I gotchu”, he had my back. He was ready to fight for his brother, in the spirit. My word here to you is, don’t ever give in to the enemy, fight for yourselves, your children, your family, your friends, for those that are lost. Never give in and never give up, He is with us all the way!

I’ll leave you right here, there’s more to come….


Spiritual Warfare pt. 3


Tonight is the 3rd part of our experience. Again, I will repeat myself, some of this is just too incredible, almost unbelievable, but it’s all true and very real. To be perfectly honest, I don’t care if I’m believed or not, I know this to be the truth and nothing but. God told me to write and I’m obeying Him so here we go….

I asked my son, over the phone that night what happened and he said the following:
Mom, I was in bed and I heard a rustling in my closet and thought it was a mouse but the noise got bigger/louder and so I thought the dog (his friend where he was staying had a dog) had come in and got into the closet. I didn’t think anything of it. I then heard the closet door slowly opening and so I turned to look and I saw something roll out of the closet. I froze. I felt a tug on the blanket that was hanging off of the bed. I small head, soft ball sized, with red flaming hair had rolled up onto the bed somehow and found its way up to my chest and sat there and looked straight at me. MOM, it was the most ugliest thing you can imagine. I freaked out and ran out of there and tried to tell my friend what happened but knew he wouldn’t believe me. I had him drive me to Aunt Melissa’s house. Don’t ask me how I knew Geena (my oldest daughter, his older sister) was here, I just knew to come here and she would be here. Mom, please believe me, I’m not crazy. I’m not!
It took everything I had to not curl up into a ball and just cry for my kids. I was never a crier. I couldn’t be. I had to be strong for my kids. For if they saw me show weakness, their world would crumble. I couldn’t afford to have that happen. I asked him, I had to, if he had been drinking? Smoking? Etc. He said no mom. I drank Friday night after work. This was Sunday morning when this happened. I hated to have to ask, but I did. I told him he had to pray with his sister and I would pray from here. He was too frightened and upset to hear me. I spoke to my daughter and had her call their cousin to come for them and take them to my brother’s house. From 5am until 8am, I was in prayer. I prayed, pleaded, asked, you name it I did it. I asked God to please help them. To please give me answers I so desperately needed. I was exhausted. I had gotten the idea in my head to not attend church that day. I got a little whisper that told me I needed to go. I quickly got ready and headed out to the early service. I usually wait until noon service but I knew if I waited I’d fall asleep or be more exhausted.
God works in a way that we will never understand. That day, the sermon was on spiritual warfare and how the devil will attack, why, and what we need to do. It fit the bill. I felt better. However, God wasn’t finished. During altar call, Pastor made his usual call for those who needed to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and the worship team began their song. I was praying from where I stood and closed my eyes. Then I heard Pastor call my name and for me to come up to the front. I froze. He repeated himself. As I made my way down the aisle. He said the following:
As I began to pray right now, Holy Spirit showed me mountains and I didn’t understand why. I said, why are you showing me mountains? I then remember your daughter just left to Colorado last week. The Holy Spirit wants me to tell you that she is where He needed her to be, for this exact moment, at this very time. All that will be thrown her way, she will overcome. I declare that Geena will succeed in all she does because He sent her there, she didn’t make the decision on her own. You continue to be the woman of faith that you have become, you are not alone, He wants you to know that. He is with you and hears your every word.

With the emotion in Pastor Luis’ voice, he was being moved by the Holy Spirit so much that the church erupted in cheer and applause! It was such a moment that I can’t describe it here.
Can you say that I cried about a bazillion tears that morning? Buckets full. I could not tell you the feeling of extreme and unconditional love at that moment. He was there!!!! He heard me that morning and every single time I spoke and prayed to Him. Confirmation was given that day! For about the 10th or 100th time. I could not be there for my older kids at that time, so He filled in. He was the one that led my son to his sister. He was the one who had my daughter move out there just one week before. He was the one who heard me and listened and guided. It was such a relief for me. I was at ease. I could not tell Him how much I loved Him that morning. I said it, but saying it wasn’t enough. How could I repay that kind of love?