Take the Masks Off by EmJay 

Let Him love us where we are. We don’t have to have our lives together, don’t have to look a certain way, don’t have to drive a certain car, don’t have to own a house etc. All we have to do is let Him love us. Be authentic because He knows the true us anyways, amen. If you don’t like who you are, ask Him to change you for the best, for His glory. 
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Bro. Marquis Johnson 

A Word From EmJay 

Her goods shouldn’t be on display. When a woman already has a husband  yet she still dress to arouse other men, is baffling to me. She has a husband that’s content with her looks, even the flaws, stretch marks, scars, dimples and all. He loves all of her regardless, compliments her, the whole 9. So why does she still need to seek attention from others? I’ve heard some excuses that the women want to look good for “themselves”. That’s vain thinking off top, a no no. Or they’re in a forever competition with other women. Why? Their husband has eyes only for her and he’s consistently expressed that. He’s truly not studying other women. These type of women have no legit excuse. She has a good husband that supports her physically, emotionally and mentally. He has to deal with all the other men gawking over what suppose to be solely seen with his eyes.  👀👀👀

Bro. Marquis Johnson 

Ritualistic Dream-state Murders


I got a disturbing mail from a friend recently which brought about this warfare prayer for deliverance.

She explained how she has had a recurring dream of being sacrificed on a dark altar. She explained further that sometimes both she and her husband were placed on the altar and sacrificed. While on other times, she was a helpless onlooker while her husband was being sacrificed.

Dreams are visions of the night.

The Bible says: “HE speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds. (Job 33:15: NLT)”

Dreams can either come from God’s Kingdom of Light or from Satan’s dark kingdom

From wherever it comes, a dream is an activity that the human spirit or soul saw happen in the supernatural world. It is similar to watching the video clip of a drama.

Before things happen…

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3 things an opiate addict can do that might help her kick


A while back, I got a call from a mentor with a GED program about a client of hers who needed help. The client was a seventeen (17) – year-old girl who’s addicted to Oxycodone. Anytime I get these types of calls, I can’t help but need a deep breath; opiates are a common enemy of mine and when the person they’re impacting is still a minor, I can’t help but lose a bit of neutrality. It’s sad to me that someone so young needs help to overcome an addiction to an opiate. Recovery is hard work and when the person who enters recovery is still trying to herself out, it makes the work all that much harder.

The good news, though, is that she recognizes, for whatever reason, that she needs help to kick. To me, it’s a strong indication that the person wants to get clean; if she…

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